Product Review: Kodak Zi8 experiment with bluetooth wireless mic

I love using video in my marketing. There is nothing that allows you to build such a close connection with your customers and potential customers and for someone like me, that can write but doesn’t like to, I can get my message across easily without too much preparation.

I started off creating videos inside, with good lighting and a comfy lounge but it just didn’t work for me.

I was just too self conscious.

So I decided to go outside, into the backyard, across into the National Park, the beach and parks.

As soon as I did that, I relaxed and started enjoying myself. The other advantage was it made my videos far more interesting. To date I have shot videos on wharfs and boats, on top of mountains, in swimming pools in Las Vegas, on a bike, by a fire and even one I shot naked while having a massage in Thailand (no wonder it is one of my most popular videos on Youtube. I bet you go over there now to have a look eh? ).

There is one problem with shooting outside though. The wind. Even a slight breeze blowing across the inbuilt mic in the camera makes a noise that is really distracting. So I’ve been experimenting with using a bluetooth wireless microphone.

You can see the experiment below (it doesn’t take long). Make sure you leave a comment for me below.

Did you watch the video? Did you notice the change in the sound near the end?

If you want to check out the equipment we use, here are some links to view them online. One draw back though. The mic we bought (it’s a good one) cost more than the cheapy camera!

Sony Bluetooth Microphone


This is the wireless mic we use. We actually bought it to go with our more expensive Sony video camera but found it works really well with the Kodak Zi8

Kodak Zi8

I love this camera. Inexpensive, easy to use, fits in my handbag and great quality video and sound.

It comes in different colours. I got a black one because they only that in stock when  I bought it. The come in red. I like red. I wish I got a red one.

Love to hear your comments and questions below. I’ll come back and answer your questions.


  1. Ah Janet, brilliant. I have also have a Kodak Zi8 and have been trying to work out the best solution for this. Will check it out. Thanks for that,


  2. Now that looks cool.
    I have been using a wired one but this would be terrific.

  3. Thanks for that Janet. Very helpful. Definitely very scratchy when the bluetooth was disonnected.

  4. Anything about camera’s will surely make my mom like it. She love camera’s for she can store special moments in it and at the same time she’ll get to capture everything on it and make it as her souvenir. Nonetheless these kind of camera that comes with quality yet not expensive she’ll love it and that’s for sure.

  5. Camera is a great help for business. We are now in the crisis state. Wherein, many people don’t have any job and the only thing for a living is stealing. It can track also crime surrounding the place. Which give a great contribution to our fellow policemen.

  6. Love this site, bookmarking it for sure!


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