A Great Info Product Starts With Identifying The Opportunity

I’ve just spent the last 2 weeks travelling, learning and meeting with some incredibly inspiring people in business. With each meeting I gained sometimes one, sometimes many ideas which I know will make a huge difference to my business.

You see, you don’t have to have huge ah-ha’s to make a huge change to your business. As the saying goes ” smallĀ  hinges swing bigger doors”….or something like that.

One of the distinctions is very simple but usually overlooked. It is one step to include in the communication you give in your products and especially when you are selling your product.

Have you stated explicitly what the opportunity is?

I’m not talking about the opportunity to buy.

I’m talking about the opportunity they can be positioned to make the most of if they take action.

Need an example?

Today, in my free training class, I taught my 7 step process for creating products that sell.

The opportunity? If you can create products designed to sell and also give great content (you can do both easily) you can then attract the ideal customers, create passive income and stop exchanging time for money.

That is the opportunity.

So what opportunity do you offer the keys to?

I know this is not the easiest thing to work out and often we are too close to what we do to see clearly.

So let me help you.

Follow the steps below and I can help you here, just below, get clear on what big opportunity is you offer the keys to.

Steps to Follow

1. Listen to the recording of the training call I did, with heaps of examples of the 7 step process to follow to create your product

2. Take notice of how I have used the exact same process in the creation of the training call.

3. Check out the offer I made on the call, including the generous payment plan (that’s my plug. I know the 4 remaining seats in this definitely once-only offer will change people’s lives. Yep, big call but I back it up).

4. Come back here and share what you see as the big opportunity it is you offer. If you have no idea, that’s OK. Simply challenge me. Tell me what your niche is and I’ll help you.

Go on. A love a person of action and if you show me you are ready to get clear on what you offer to the world, I’ll hang out here to help you get clear.




  1. Hi Janet, thank you for sharing your 7 Step Formula to Create Information Products That Sell. I am working on creating my own information products to help people grow a global brand using the same strategies that I did with Toddlers To Teens Parent TV Show. I will keep you posted. You always provide very easy to understand information. Wonderful Web Women is such a great resource. There’s no reason to keep searching the net. You have it all. Thank you.

  2. Janet – you have a great skill in zeroing in on the important stuff and making us stand back and think. It is soooo good to question our approach, confirm or change! Because yes we get too close to things. So have I got this right? With Pink Shoe Power (Time Management Styles) the opportunity we are offering is: if you understand your Time Management Style and know how to work with your strengths and challenges, you will have the capacity and power to achieve so much more each day – with less stress and time.
    Love your thoughts

    PS Great to see JP talking soon about one size doesnt fit all when it comes to money management – thats exactly what we are saying about time management – it makes so much sense!

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