Renovate or Detonate? Take a Long Hard Look at Your Business.

Renovate or Detonate.

This is a really popular headline used in the real estate pages where I live. It’s used to describe old and unattractive houses on great blocks of land.
The thing is, the same idea works for businesses as well.
How often do you look at your business to assess if it is still the “best house on the block”?

Maybe it is getting outdated, or your family has outgrown it or discover if it was built on dodgy foundations to start with?
I make a point to stop and take a long, hard, detached look at my business at least yearly, sometimes more.
You see, as my skills and experience grow, so does my capacity to serve more. As my customers’ needs change, I need to adapt too.

Too often businesses seem to fall into the following traps:
1. They decide their business is an old, falling down mess and detonate. That’s why the majority of businesses fail in the first 5 years.
2. They realise the business “neighbourhood” is changing but they really like their outdated decor and stick with it anyway
3. They decide to invest the time and effort (and sometimes money) and do a makeover to keep up with the times

Well, I’ve been renovating! I’ve just finished putting the makeover plans together and getting stuck into the exciting part of rolling out the plans. Yep, I’ve finished with the drawing board and out with the hammer and nails!

In the video below, I share with you why a regular review is important, the first steps you can take to review your business and some fundamental changes I am noticing online that effect the way you communicate with your customers.

I’d love to hear your comments below. Tell me what you think and ask any questions you like so i can help you make your business shine online too.

Sorry the video is a bit dark. It looked great on my computer but a bit dodgy once I uploaded it. Forgive me?


  1. This is such a great post Janet. And so, so timely!! The fact is, without you, I would not have the solid foundations I have in my business. Your expertise (mortar) was essential to make my bricks (ideas) hold together!!!! In saying that, it is time to RENOVATE!! I am so excited. I no longer want to be a solid starter home, but I want to extend and expand my house into something that really is MY DREAM house! My dream business! Now I am taking risks, adding my own colours, playing with textures and making it truly my own. I am ‘refurbishing’ over the next 6 weeks, and can’t wait to unveil my new masterpiece! Thankyou Janet for every idea you have shared, every piece of clarity you have offered, every tool you have suggested, every snippet of inspiration, that has allowed me to create something special, of my very own.
    Blessings upon YOUR dreams Janet
    Love and gratitude
    Krishna xx

  2. Hey Krishna thanks so much for your wonderful comments. You’re a perfect example of what can happen if you FOCUS. I remember you giving this advice to your mastermind group while doing the Passion to Profits program. Follow One Course Until Successful. You are more than ready to step up to the next stage in your business and really lead. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Wow Janet,
    I saw this on facebook I realised you were talking to me I had just drawn one of my Ask your guides cards that morning that said: <<<<>>>>
    I have added rooms on taken them away, out them back on in another guise -time to step away and do what you have suggested before I go any further- start asking and do some revaluating. Now off to complete some unfinished tasks.
    thanks, looking forward to you next post

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