Launch Case Study. Natural Fertility Challenge

launch case study natural fertility challengeI have another launch Case Study for you today. I’m part of the consulting team for the launch of this fantastic program which will absolutely change people’s lives. In fact,  this launch is designed to change as many people’s lives as possible simply by people becoming involved in the launch, regardless if they go on to invest in any paid programs.

I share this launch with you for 2 reasons: to educate on best practice and also, in the hope that you will share this link with anyone you know who has been struggling with fertility. Gabi has helped thousands of couple conceive beautiful, healthy babies and you can potentially change the lives of the people you share this with. It may even be you?

Take the time to watch the video below and take notes as I share a lot of “behind the scenes” insights into the strategies used in this launch. A unique part of this launch is the use of a challenge.

In this video I share with you:

  • The power of using challenges in your launch marketing
  • The 2 big reasons to include one
  • What topics to choose for a challenge
  • The power of rinse and repeat
  • Step-by-step what to include on a squeeze / opt-in page for maximum conversion

You can check out the program  here or forward this blog link to a friend if you think it will help them.



  1. Brilliant content here Janet, thanks so much. I hadn’t thought of a challenge before, but will definitely give that a lot of thought.

    Is there a webinar program that you like and can recommend?

    Warm regards, Cate

  2. Great video Janet – thanks, I really enjoyed it … I have been doing online marketing mainly in the Network Marketing industry, which has been great, but now wanting to incorporate more of my passions into my blogging, so it’s interesting to see how others launch and market their products.

  3. Hi Cate,

    Janet uses and recommends Instant Teleseminar.

    She also uses PowerPoint slides.

    Hope this helps.


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