#242 [Web TV] It’s NOT who plays the game that wins

  You may have heard the phrase “You gotta play the game if you want to win”. And of course that’s true. After all, if you never take any action in your business you’re never going to build a following, make sales, and succeed in business. But there is a very important part of the […]

#241 [Web TV] 5 Minute Reframe So You’re Confident Charging What You’re Worth

    So a potential client says to you “I really want your help, how much do you charge?” and you reply “………………”,”um, well I’m still finalising my prices, um, I’ll get back to you, um………where do I hide?” If you’ve ever felt nervous asking for what you’re worth then this week’s episode is really […]

#240 [WebTV] Without this your business will NEVER give you freedom

  Hey Wonderful One This week’s 4-minute episode of Wonderful Web TV is brought to you from the Caribbean (cool eh?). I’m here mixing business with pleasure, masterminding with very clever business people. One theme keeps recurring.You can NEVER grow a business to a point where it gives you freedom (I mean REAL freedom) on […]

#239 [WebTV] Who Expects You To Be Great?

    Hey How exciting. I’m in the Caribbean! This week’s video is shot on a balcony overlooking the beach in Puerto Rico with a thought that is dear to my heart after a week of masterminding…..You expects you to be great? You’ll see what I mean. Cheers Janet P.S. Pass it on baby if […]

Why I no longer need a walking stick

A few days ago I introduced you to the man who was my gateway drug to personal development. I met Paul about 10 years ago at a workshop he ran called The Mental Toolbox. I am just one of 400,000 people he has trained over the years but I have been fortunate to become good […]

This man was my gateway drug

Hey I’d like to introduce you to the man who was my Gateway drug….to personal development. We’re going back quite a few years now. Gee it might even be close to 10 years? Back then I had been given tickets to a 2 day workshop run by him called The Mental Toolbox. At that time […]

How (and Why) To Boost a Facebook Post

  Boosting a post you have put on your Facebook business page is a great way to amplify your message, build engagement and test if a post is worth investing the time and money to promote with a full Facebook advertising campaign. In this video I share quickly how to boost your post, including the […]

aint nobody got time for that…….

Hi There’s a reason this quote went viral on the Internet. There’s a reason it’s been turned into youtube clips and songs. It’s not just because the woman who said the phrase was such a character when she was interviewed on TV following an apartment fire. And it’s not just because she was so expressive […]

#238 [Web TV] Your ONE PERSON For 2017

Hey Last week I shared video 3 in our series on how to make 2017 your best year yet. The video was about Your ONE THING for 2017. Did you see it yet? Well, this week, I take it to the next step. Today we look at Your ONE PERSON for 2017. Curious? You should […]

#237 [Web TV] Your ONE THING For 2017

Hey First, let me just say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” (Imagine this said with a glass of champagne in hand). Now…let’s talk about this year. Is this going to be the year you kick goals in your business with ease and a sense of joy? Or is this going to be a year when you limp […]