aint nobody got time for that…….

Hi There’s a reason this quote went viral on the Internet. There’s a reason it’s been turned into youtube clips and songs. It’s not just because the woman who said the phrase was such a character when she was interviewed on TV following an apartment fire. And it’s not just because she was so expressive […]

Case Study of shiny unicorns, sold out stock and a viral video

I love this story. It includes all my favourite elements: 1. A brilliant case study of how one simple, but powerful video can sky-rocket a business in a matter of hours. 2. Great story-telling 3. A gutsy yet humble woman standing for self-belief 4. Appropriate and authentic use of the F word 5. Social enterprise […]

Case Study: 5 Businesses, 5 Facebook Live Strategies

The other week I held a 2 day business mastermind retreat for a core group of Wonderful Web Leaders . Just like my upcoming 2 day, small group Video Marketing Workshop on the Gold Coast, these days are about clarity, learning through action and getting stuff done (instead of just taking notes). Video mastery is such […]

A Personal Reflection on Changing Your Business Model

Can I share something personal with you today? You see, I know looking in from the outside, people can assume if you have a list of tens of thousands, a successful business and numerous awards under your belt, that making decisions about your business is easy. Sure, the more experience you have the easier it […]

Proof: Eating Chocolate Increases Sales!

At last the evidence you’ve been waiting for. The missing piece of proof you needed to justify eating as much chocolate as you like! Yes, consumption of chocolate IS connected to increased sales. OK, so my methods may not be scientifically rigorous but this is a method that works well for me, so it just may work […]

5 types of lead magnets that position you as a Tribal Leader

Probably one of the most important tools you need in your marketing bag of goodies is a lead magnet that is irresistible to your perfect clients and at the same time positions you as the trusted leader they would love to work with. If you’re not familiar with the term “Lead Magnet”, it simply means […]

Can I interview you?

Ready to book? Here’s the order form How would you like to be professionally interviewed by someone who has interviewed hundreds of experts world-wide to help them share their message and attract new customers and sales? Would you like the kind of positioning a professional interview, placing you as the expert, will give you when […]

My secret obsession

I have a confession to make. It’s about a secret obsession I have. You see, I am a closet statistician. I LOVE me some good stats! Weird I know, to have a secret love of numbers. What I really love about numbers is what they tell me about PEOPLE. In business, I love that they […]

testing rss feed post

Hi This is a test post to see if my itunes feed has stopped playing up. If this post shows up in my itunes feed for Wonderful Web TV then itunes still hasn’t updated . grrrrr

promote yourself and find joint venture partners this week

Hi If you’re like most people, you are subscribed to more than just my mailing list. Agast! So does this mean this is not a monogamous business relationship? I’m not your only one? Only joking. It’s really wise to learn from a select number of people who you trust and resonate with. So it’s very […]