#210 [Web TV] How To Choose The Best Email Program To Automate Your Business

Hey One of the most important decisions you’ll make when setting up your online platform (a.k.a. your Tribal Platform) is your choice of the program to collect, manage and automate your email mailing list. There area gazillion programs to choose from and they are certainly not all created equal. To choose the right one for […]

[article] How I went from no list to 2000 fast

When I launched Wonderful Web Women I had no email mailing list at all. I was branching out into a totally new area for me and I had no reputation and no-one knew me. I knew I had to build my mailing list as a priority and I had to do it creatively because I […]

Your affiliate payment for this month

Hi Janet Beckers here. I’d like to send you an email with this subject line every month. My records show you are not yet a member of my referral partner program (affiliate program). So this is my person invitation to you to join me. If you’re new to affiliate programs, then this is how it […]

Gift Membership To The Shiny New Wonderful Web Seminars

This is valued at $697 (at least) I’m very excited to announce the rebirth of the Passion to Profits Blueprint Web site which is housed at Wonderful Web Seminars. This is the coaching program that people have paid between $2000 and $3000 for life-time access to. To celebrate, I have created a bonus level of […]

Quick Way to Start Making Money Even With No Web Site

The quickest way to start making money when you start out is as an affiliate. This means you get a referral fee every time someone buys a product you recommend. For example, if you refer people to Wonderful Web Women as an affiliate, and they upgrade to gold membership, I pay you 30% commission every […]

What to look for in a network marketing company

Tracy Monteforte has been a network marketer for over 21 years and helped thousands of people set up and grow their network marketing businesses. Tracy has developed unique training programs and excellent tools to automate a growing business because once you have decided which company you want to promote and work with, the techniques you […]

Look to the best Network Marketers to master on-line relationship marketing

One of the fastest and easiest ways I know to make money on the Internet is with affiliate marketing. If this is new to you, affiliate marketing basically means you recommend people buy someone else’s product. If they do, the owner of the product rewards you with a commission. That’s it in a nutshell but […]

Become a contributing author with us – your questions answered

Join us as a contributing author of our second collaborative e-book “The Law of Attraction in Action, Volume 2″. Our first publication, 12 months ago, has been downloaded thousands of times and shared around the Internet. This is an opportunity to position yourself as an expert, attract new leads and have an excellent product to […]

Another Recession Proof Income tip from Janet…

Another Recession Proof Income tip from Janet… The quickest way I know to get money in your bank account and optimism in your heart is with affiliate marketing. The secret to being an effective affiliate is to recommend products created by people you trust. You are a member of Wonderful Web Women so you know […]

Dominate the first page of Google

If you were on the call today with Cheryline Lawson I hope you took heaps of notes! Cheryline shared with us the method she has tested and perfected to get web sites ranked on the first page of Google in a matter of hours. But not just one place. She has shown how to get […]