How I Plan My Funnels and Facebook Add Campaigns

Here’s the replay of a special live training I did this week. I’ve been a bit quiet via email the last few weeks so I wanted to give you something that was super-useful with nothing to sell. Just great strategies. Behind the scenes of my whiteboard and how I plan out my Funnels and Facebook […]

[article] How I went from no list to 2000 fast

When I launched Wonderful Web Women I had no email mailing list at all. I was branching out into a totally new area for me and I had no reputation and no-one knew me. I knew I had to build my mailing list as a priority and I had to do it creatively because I […]

Ghost Writer Needed For the Wonderful Web Team

Are you a writer with an interest in Internet marketing and personal development and would like to be part of our Wonderful Web Team? We are looking for a person to create articles, blog posts, e-books and follow up auto-responders for our own projects and those of our clients. Usually you will be asked to […]

Become a contributing author with us – your questions answered

Join us as a contributing author of our second collaborative e-book “The Law of Attraction in Action, Volume 2″. Our first publication, 12 months ago, has been downloaded thousands of times and shared around the Internet. This is an opportunity to position yourself as an expert, attract new leads and have an excellent product to […]

Dominate the first page of Google – overview of the strategy

Why would you want to be on the first page of Google anyway? Google is the most popular search engine people use when they are looking for information (or products) on the Internet. If you can get on the first page of Google, you are pretty well guarantted to be high on the other search […]

Dominate the first page of Google

If you were on the call today with Cheryline Lawson I hope you took heaps of notes! Cheryline shared with us the method she has tested and perfected to get web sites ranked on the first page of Google in a matter of hours. But not just one place. She has shown how to get […]

4 Steps To Get Paid To Write Online

Today I interviewed Debbie Dragon about how to start a business as a ghost writer on-line. Debbie is a wonderful writer (I know as she is the ghost writer for Wonderful Web Women) with a fast growing business. She now helps other writers create a successful business using the Internet. Debbie has gifted us some […]

7 step-recipe to turn an article into Web 2.0 Traffic

Over the last few weeks we have heard from a few speakers about different ways to use social networking to grow your business on the Internet. Today, Michele Pariza Wacek showed us how to tie it all together into a Web 2.0 strategy. Over the next week I will be sharing with you a few […]

How to get someone else to write your ebook for you

I loved today’s interview. I was finally able to lure out of hiding Debbie Dragon – the ghost writer to the gurus. Debbie has written literally thousands of articles, ebooks, reports, blog posts and assorted other writing projects. Debbie is also the ghost writer we rely on every week to transcribe our interviews, write summaries […]

Become an expert author on – with a measure of luck.

Well here is my update on my challenge to reach Expert Author status on . This is the challenge I made after learning so much from our call with Kristi Sayles I did it. But not the way I thought I would! I did it! I am now considered an expert writer by […]