Ask Janet: Web TV as a Marketing Strategy


In celebration of Wonderful Web TV’s first anniversary and in between packing for her romantic holiday in the breathtaking island of Fiji,  Janet answers questions that have been sent to her about the Wonderful Web TV Program. 1. Hi Janet!  Why motivated you to start running Wonderful Web TV? Janet’s Answer:  I listen to what my […]

Ask Janet: Personal Branding versus Business Branding

Vanessa Wenham

Hi Janet, I have a question about business and personal branding. I own a boutique mortgage brokering business with a strong reputation for personalised service. I am the principal broker and, because of our very personal service, my customers often see my personal brand as closely linked with my business brand. In your opinion, is […]

Ask Janet: When To Sell Recordings of a Tele-Summit

cate richards

This is quite a long question from Cate Richards but I have included all of it as it has some great learning for you. In short, the question I answer here is: In your List Building Telesummit [Does List Size Really Matter], why did you post all the interviews to one landing page from the […]

Ask Janet: The Last Click on The Safe Combination

Linda Sage

Hi Janet, I have a list, I have great feedback, I have a book just published, I do well on my personal training/coaching, but not in big enough numbers.  I am missing the last click on the safe combination, to open the flood gates. I still learn myself, I update, and am working each day, […]