Top 20 podcasts in 1 week. Want to know how I did it?

I’ve got to share with you. My newly launched podcast “Romance Your Tribe Radio” made it to the front page for our category of Business Management & Marketing in iTunes. That’s after just 6 episodes and 1 week from launch.       I knew I could do this for Video podcasts, because I’ve helped […]

A Great Info Product Starts With Identifying The Opportunity

I’ve just spent the last 2 weeks travelling, learning and meeting with some incredibly inspiring people in business. With each meeting I gained sometimes one, sometimes many ideas which I know will make a huge difference to my business. You see, you don’t have to have huge ah-ha’s to make a huge change to your […]

Passion to Profits Re-opens

I can’t believe it was only 8 weeks ago I started the first intensive classes for the Passion to Profits Business Building Program. I’m so impressed with the number of people who hit the ground running and have already launched their programs, positioned themselves as leaders and started to build highly targeted lists (while creating […]

Is the Universe Speaking to You? (P2P is Open…)

You know those times when you get a crystal clear message from the universe, a tingling through your body, or a feeling in your heart of hearts, saying ‘This is right for you’.  Some of you may be feeling that inner calling of destiny now.  Let me explain…  You can now join a community of […]

“You Are My Hero…” The Winners of the “Passion into Profits Challenge”

“You Are My Hero…” The Winners of the “Passion into Profits Challenge” I am so inspired by all of you that took part in the challenge-congratulations! Thanks to you it was a great success with over 109 posts on the blog, and 61 entries. So to all of you that took action and made it […]

4 Tests For The Perfect Joint Venture Partner

When I started Wonderful Web Women I had no list at all. I grew my list very fast using the following strategy. Here it is in a very simplified format: 1. Decide your niche 2. Find experts in your niche 3. Ask the expert to advertise the series of interviews of all experts to their […]

17 products from 1 hour of work

As much as I try to ignore it, the economic crisis is a reality. I know people are starting to panic and it frustrates me when I can see so many ways for people to create a recession proof income – if only they knew how. So I’ve done something about it. I’ve been busy […]

Free tele-conference services

An update on the teleconferencing tool we use. is the free conference and recording software I have used for well over a year and still use. It works well for me. For a few weeks we couldn’t access the recordings (luckily we back up on Instant Tele-seminar) so Lisa on our team researched the […]

Expert Interviews: How To Convince Experts To Venture With You

One of the most common questions I get asked is how do you convince Industry experts to agree to be interviewed by you, and then how to convince them to promote you to their lists. Even more importantly, how do you do this if you are an unknown and have no list of your own […]

Quick Start to Growing Your List With Expert Interviews

Hi Thanks to Charly Leetham today for taking on the challenge of sitting in the Wonderful Web Women interviewing hot seat. Today Charly interviewed me about the process I used to launch Wonderful Web Women so quickly when I  had no list, no reputation and no product (and no idea really). We covered so much, […]