#67 [Web TV] Christmas Conversation Tips

NOTE: If you can’t view the video, click here to view it on YouTube Not many sleeps now! As we head into the silly season we are also heading into the “have fun and surprisingly do great business networking” season as well. In this week’s episode I share with you 1 simple sentence you can […]

#66 [Web TV] How To Cash Into Christmas

NOTE: If you can’t view the video, click here to view it on YouTube With only a few weeks to go until Christmas day I share with you ideas on how you can “cash in” on one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. This video is longer than my usual weekly videos (it’s […]

#65 [Web TV] Look Into my Eyes

p>  In this week’s episode I talk about the very best way to connect with your existing and potential clients. Here’s a hint: you CAN’T (usually) do this in your pyjamas. Then I cover how to modify this in a way that you CAN do in your pyjamas, and 5 different ways you can introduce […]

#64 [Web TV] 6 Steps To Smash Scary Goals

  Today I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I share with you a very big personal goal I’ve set for myself. It’s big (for me) and I KNOW I will achieve it. How do I know? Well I have a process! There are 6 steps to this process and I share that with […]

#63 [Web TV] Slow and Steady Loses the Race

  This week’s episode is a little controversial. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Slow and steady wins the race”. Well, when it comes to business, I reckon it’s a lot of rot! . Find out why and what I recommend instead in this 3 minute video. . I’d love to hear your comments and […]

Tips For Training a New Virtual Assistant: The First Project

Here’s a tip for when you bring in a new virtual team member to your business: Before you throw them in the deep end, have a project that is not time critical that you can get them to do that will test their skills and let them get familiar with the way you like things […]

#46 Web TV: “…..is vanity and …..is sanity”

This week I share a mantra that gives a healthy dose of reality to the talk of “6 and 7 figure businesses”. I share an example of how a one person, home based business can be more profitable that a multi-million dollar business with numerous staff.  A quick 3 minutes that can revolutionise the way […]

#45 Web TV: The Power of Two

This week I share an important tip that reduces your risk when building a virtual team (or any team for that matter). I share with you how I implemented The Power of Two when I first started out in my business and how you can systemise your business in a way that makes it easier […]

#44 Web TV: Why 90% Fail

Have you heard the street wisdom “Less than 10% of people doing this course / at this event / in this class etc will actually succeed”? I disagree. I think it’s closer to 5%. So why do 90% (or even 95%) fail? What is missing? In this episode I share with you the no. 1 […]

#43 Web TV: Behind the Scenes at Wonderful Web HQ Home Office

In this episode I take you behind the scenes and show you “Wonderful Web HQ”. You’ll see how simply you can set your office space up to efficiently run a multiple six figure business. I share with you: The computer set up I use so I can pick up and travel anywhere in the world […]