Sales Objections and The Elephant in The Forum

Last week, on a coaching call with 2 of my gorgeous Diamond clients, we discussed the process of converting leads to customers. One of the most important things you need to know when selling and when writing sales letters, is the objections people may have to buying your product or service. You don’t wait for […]

Ghost Writer Needed For the Wonderful Web Team

Are you a writer with an interest in Internet marketing and personal development and would like to be part of our Wonderful Web Team? We are looking for a person to create articles, blog posts, e-books and follow up auto-responders for our own projects and those of our clients. Usually you will be asked to […]

3 Tips On DescribingYour Ideal Client

Last week I shared an article about identifying who your ideal client really is. Michele Pariza -Wacek talked about the importance of this in our interview last week (available in the gold members area of Wonderful Web Women) and helps you refine this in the first step of her coaching. I challenged you to share […]

Tell me, Who Really Is Your Ideal Client ?

Well it’s not often you hear a copywriter say  the words are not the most important part of a sales letter! That’s what Michele Pariza -Wacek said today when I interviewed her about 5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects Into Clients. Michele is the woman who is behind the successful launches of some of the […]

How to get great testimonials

On our Gold Members Q & A call today we discussed how to get great testimonials for your new book/ebook/product.  First of all, let’s look at what makes a good testimonial. What makes a good testimonial? Compare these 2 testimonials. ” I loved this book. Jam packed full of really useful information and easy to […]

Bridging Heart and Marketing Conference Interview Replay

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing 2 of my favourite people on-line, best selling relationship authors and husband and wife psychology team Judith & Jim (Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski). Judith and Jim are leading what I see as a new frontier in Internet marketing and one that I feel passionately you need to […]

Swipe file for sales letters for the female market

On our call yesterday with Lorrie Morgan – Ferrero, she promised to send us some examples of female friendly sales copy we can look at for ideas. Well true to her word she sent me an email today with some great samples to share with you. Here are they are below. […]

Write sales letter that women respond to

Today I interviewed one of my favourite Internet marketers, Lorrie Morgan – Ferrero. Lorrie has a wonderful ability to write sales letters, emails, blog posts etc that I can really relate to. I feel as if she is writing to me. She has an ability to catch the female voice but not in the way […]

Soft Selling As Spiritual Service with Judith Shevern

I am truly inspired by today’s call with Judith Shevern. And I’m not alone. Judith’s call today on a new approach to internet marketing that shows true respect for visitors to your website inspired so many comments, stories and offers of gifts from members to members that I have spent all afternoon writing so I […]

$5000 Value Bonuses Just For Wonderful Web Women

On our call today Judith Severn made an incredible offer. Judith and her husband Jim Sniechowski are launching a first of a kind conference called “Bridging Heart and Marketing” in February 2008 in Los Angeles. The line up is incredible and the reason it is so unique is because every speaker focuses on how to […]