Launch Case Study. Natural Fertility Challenge

I have another launch Case Study for you today. I’m part of the consulting team for the launch of this fantastic program which will absolutely change people’s lives. In fact,  this launch is designed to change as many people’s lives as possible simply by people becoming involved in the launch, regardless if they go on […]

A Great Info Product Starts With Identifying The Opportunity

I’ve just spent the last 2 weeks travelling, learning and meeting with some incredibly inspiring people in business. With each meeting I gained sometimes one, sometimes many ideas which I know will make a huge difference to my business. You see, you don’t have to have huge ah-ha’s to make a huge change to your […]

The Sunset Scene and Product Creation

When you’re designing products, programs and offers sometimes you need to make a tough decision. You may have a “sunset scene”. To find out what this is, take 2 minutes to watch this video I created for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so tell me what you think in the comments […]

Ghost Writer Needed For the Wonderful Web Team

Are you a writer with an interest in Internet marketing and personal development and would like to be part of our Wonderful Web Team? We are looking for a person to create articles, blog posts, e-books and follow up auto-responders for our own projects and those of our clients. Usually you will be asked to […]

Are The Current Business Models Still The Best?

My head hurts from thinking! You see, the last few weeks I have been mapping out the direction for my business for the next 12 months. I have a lovely problem you see. Even though my current price for private mentoring is just under $2000 per month, I have a waiting list and I have […]

Gift Membership To The Shiny New Wonderful Web Seminars

This is valued at $697 (at least) I’m very excited to announce the rebirth of the Passion to Profits Blueprint Web site which is housed at Wonderful Web Seminars. This is the coaching program that people have paid between $2000 and $3000 for life-time access to. To celebrate, I have created a bonus level of […]

Passion to Profits Re-opens

I can’t believe it was only 8 weeks ago I started the first intensive classes for the Passion to Profits Business Building Program. I’m so impressed with the number of people who hit the ground running and have already launched their programs, positioned themselves as leaders and started to build highly targeted lists (while creating […]

Is the Universe Speaking to You? (P2P is Open…)

You know those times when you get a crystal clear message from the universe, a tingling through your body, or a feeling in your heart of hearts, saying ‘This is right for you’.  Some of you may be feeling that inner calling of destiny now.  Let me explain…  You can now join a community of […]

“Teardrops on My Keyboard…”

There are 34 entries to win a scholarship to my new program, each sharing their vision and what change they hope to make in the world. When I read your entries on the blog I felt like crying with joy. You are all such moving and inspiring people. Wow. I feel so privileged to be […]

Win A FREE Scholarship to P2P Business Building Program

Share Your ‘Burning Passion’ with the World and Win A FREE Scholarship into The Passion into Profits Business Building System (Fast Track Coaching and Mentoring Program) Very soon I will be launching an intensive Business Building System designed to hold your hand to create your first product right through to negotiate Joint Ventures, build a […]