How To Create An Audio Product FAST and FREE

Here are the steps to create your information product fast. I cover these steps in heaps more details in my free recording available at If you have any questions at all about how to create a simple audio product for free (that you can sell), or questions on joining the challenge, please just ask […]

Enter The Passion To Profit Challenge

Here’s your chance to TAKE ACTION and create an easy information product to share with the world. All the wonderful knowledge available to you on how to build a business on the Internet will mean nothing unless you TAKE ACTION. But you don’t have to do it alone. FIRST STEP: Go to and register […]

Daggy photos & a sneak peek at my new (bestseller) book for you

I’m so excited. It’s our birthday in a few days (our? Yep Wonderful Web Women turns 2) and there are presents all around. I received the most exciting present this week and I have gifts for you. Oooh I’m just squirming with the excitement of it all. This week 1000 copies of my very first […]

4 Tests For The Perfect Joint Venture Partner

When I started Wonderful Web Women I had no list at all. I grew my list very fast using the following strategy. Here it is in a very simplified format: 1. Decide your niche 2. Find experts in your niche 3. Ask the expert to advertise the series of interviews of all experts to their […]

3 Ways To Build A Business Based On A Book

One of the main questions I have been asked this week is “how do you build a business on a book you co-author?” Let’s get one thing straight first. You don’t make your money from selling the book. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. People like JK Rowling may but don’t count on sales […]

An Opportunity To Co-Author An International Best Selling Book

I have such an exciting opportunity to share with you. I started to write¬† about it here but found I just couldn’t express my passion and excitement enough using the written word. I had to talk to you face to face. So I sat in my dining room last night and made you a video. […]

7 Step Formula for Videos That Convert

Maria Andros, The Video Marketing Queen, shared with us the 7 step formula to create videos that convert. Make sure you include every one of these steps in your videos. Maria shares heaps of high content tips on using video and social networking sites to grow your business. These are tips you would easily pay […]


A friend of mine shared told me this story this week and I loved it so much I asked her to share it with you. It really put a smile on my face. Over to Valerie Khoo….. It’s the little things that can make a difference in business. And this is a little thing that’s […]

Gold Book Volume 2 – next steps

Here is a list of the wonderful authors who have already contributed an article to the 2nd volume of “The Law of Attraction in Action”, a collaborative ebook by members of Wonderful Web Women. If you have submitted an article and it is not in the list below, please contact us let us know. We […]

Become a contributing author with us – your questions answered

Join us as a contributing author of our second collaborative e-book “The Law of Attraction in Action, Volume 2″. Our first publication, 12 months ago, has been downloaded thousands of times and shared around the Internet. This is an opportunity to position yourself as an expert, attract new leads and have an excellent product to […]