New Survey With Generous Bribe

How do you know if a product, program or service you intend to offer is really what your customers want? You ask them of course! So that’s what I’m doing and I have a very generous bribe to reward you for your time. So firstly, The Bribe. Training module “How To Create An Awesome Online […]

[For Aussies] 2 Very Different Events For You

Hi Janet This message is really only for my Aussie members, unless of course you can get over to Australia in the next few weeks. Then we’d love to see you. I want to let you know about 2 very different events you may be interested in. You may have noticed I very rarely promote […]

Renovate or Detonate Free Webinar

This is a really popular headline used in the real estate pages where I live. It’s used to describe old and unattractive houses on great blocks of land. The thing is, the same idea works for businesses as well. How often do you look at your business to assess if it is still the “best […]

Get Out From Behind The Computer!!

If you have been studying online marketing for a while you will know  the holy-grail of an Internet business is to have money deposited into your account while you sleep. Preferably you will also be working in your pyjamas when you do wake up:) Now I love the whole fully automated, online business model but […]

Video: 4 Types of Relationships Made at Live Events

11 sleeps until the 4th Dimension Mastery Workshop in Sydney. Yesterday I went down to The Grace Hotel where the workshop will be held to check out the venue and do a few last minute things. Such a  gorgeous art-deco hotel. One of the things I arranged is to have a few tables in the […]

John Anderson and Les Price: Visionary Business Leaders

More Inspirational Graduates of The Passion to Profits Business Building Blueprint – with amazing free education for you. Very soon I will be speaking at the Visionary Business Leaders Global Conference and I would love for you to join me. When you attend this conference you will hear from 10 of the most inspiring entrepreneurs […]

The Quintessential Encounter

Lorraine King-Markum is a Certified International Coach, but she’s also one of our Wonderful Web Solutions Web Mentors (wow that’s a long title isn’t it?!) Lorraine is holding an exclusive event for 12 people only in May 2010. The Quintessential Encounter will be an event where you can spend time to renew your spirit, mind […]

Members Kicking Goals – Free Tele-classes With Real Action Takers.

Members Kicking Goals – Free Tele-classes With Real Action Takers. Today I share with you 3 very different people who have taken the system I used to launch Wonderful Web Women and put their very individual stamps on it. I encourage you to join each of these people in the launch of 3 very unique […]

“You Are My Hero…” The Winners of the “Passion into Profits Challenge”

“You Are My Hero…” The Winners of the “Passion into Profits Challenge” I am so inspired by all of you that took part in the challenge-congratulations! Thanks to you it was a great success with over 109 posts on the blog, and 61 entries. So to all of you that took action and made it […]

Win A FREE Scholarship to P2P Business Building Program

Share Your ‘Burning Passion’ with the World and Win A FREE Scholarship into The Passion into Profits Business Building System (Fast Track Coaching and Mentoring Program) Very soon I will be launching an intensive Business Building System designed to hold your hand to create your first product right through to negotiate Joint Ventures, build a […]