How to add live chat to your web site

Hi Have you ever thought about adding Live Chat to your website? You know, like is often on big company websites and it allows visitors to chat immediately with a customer support person or sales person there on the spot? I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but had put it off for the […]

How To Set Up a Google Hangout in Less Than 10 Minutes

After biting the bullet and running my first Google Hangout I realised just how easy this strategy actually is. I can see huge potential for you, as a business owner, to use Live Hangouts in your own businesses. They would be great for: Team meetings Group mentoring Sales events Live streaming of events List building events Interviewing people […]

An Example of Dumb Marketing

This is hilarious so I had to share it with you. Do you ever get comments on your blog posts and wonder if it was really from a person or some automated comment leaving software? Well here’s a comment I just received on one of my old blog posts. The obviously set up their software […]

Why You Might Not Be Making Money Online and What to do About It

This brilliant article is part 2 of 2 by my talented Guest Blogger and respected friend Kathleen Gage. I highly recommend here free 3 part video training on list building too.   Why is it some people are incredibly successful at utilizing the power of the Internet in their marketing while others can’t seem to […]

Software To Run Your Internet Business

One of the most common questions we are asked is “what software should I use to set up my internet Business?” There are so many shopping carts, auto-responder programs, web site builders, merchant accounts etc etc etc that the choice can be overwhelming. In fact, this can be enough to stop many people in their […]

Launch Case Study. Natural Fertility Challenge

I have another launch Case Study for you today. I’m part of the consulting team for the launch of this fantastic program which will absolutely change people’s lives. In fact,  this launch is designed to change as many people’s lives as possible simply by people becoming involved in the launch, regardless if they go on […]

Launch Case Study: How To Use Videos in a Launch

If you have a new product or program to offer what do you do? 1. Do you send an email out to your list or Facebook friends or Twitter to announce it’s release? Even for seasoned marketers, the results can be really disappointing if you do that. 2. Or do you launch the program with […]

Make Money Online: Are you Flogging a Dead Horse?

Are you investing in your business with the persistence of “sweat equity” or are you stubbornly “flogging a dead horse?” I have a confession to make to you. I spent 5 years “flogging a dead horse”, telling myself that I was just about to break through the barriers and hit a big pay day. I […]

Your Business Avatar: Are You Up For The 7 Day Challenge?

Let me share with a you a very simple, and incredibly powerful exercise (the most powerful ones usually are the simplest). If you master this exercise it has the power to revolutionise your business. Seriously. This is one of the exercises I ran during the recent 4th Dimension Mastery workshop and it resulted in a […]

Credit Card Fraud and The Internet Merchant – a True Story

Let me paint you a picture. You wake up and discover you’ve had a sale of $997 of a product that you don’t sell many of. Well, not unless you have a targeted promotional campaign on that product. Hmm that’s nice easy money. Over the next few days you get more of these sales. That’s […]