[article] How I went from no list to 2000 fast

When I launched Wonderful Web Women I had no email mailing list at all. I was branching out into a totally new area for me and I had no reputation and no-one knew me. I knew I had to build my mailing list as a priority and I had to do it creatively because I […]

Your affiliate payment for this month

Hi Janet Beckers here. I’d like to send you an email with this subject line every month. My records show you are not yet a member of my referral partner program (affiliate program). So this is my person invitation to you to join me. If you’re new to affiliate programs, then this is how it […]

Ask Janet: When To Sell Recordings of a Tele-Summit

This is quite a long question from Cate Richards but I have included all of it as it has some great learning for you. In short, the question I answer here is: In your List Building Telesummit [Does List Size Really Matter], why did you post all the interviews to one landing page from the […]

Your Business Avatar: Are You Up For The 7 Day Challenge?

Let me share with a you a very simple, and incredibly powerful exercise (the most powerful ones usually are the simplest). If you master this exercise it has the power to revolutionise your business. Seriously. This is one of the exercises I ran during the recent 4th Dimension Mastery workshop and it resulted in a […]

Ghost Writer Needed For the Wonderful Web Team

Are you a writer with an interest in Internet marketing and personal development and would like to be part of our Wonderful Web Team? We are looking for a person to create articles, blog posts, e-books and follow up auto-responders for our own projects and those of our clients. Usually you will be asked to […]

Video: 4 Types of Relationships Made at Live Events

11 sleeps until the 4th Dimension Mastery Workshop in Sydney. Yesterday I went down to The Grace Hotel where the workshop will be held to check out the venue and do a few last minute things. Such a  gorgeous art-deco hotel. One of the things I arranged is to have a few tables in the […]

7 Tips To Tapping Into The Tribal Age of The Internet

 We have entered the Tribal Age of The Internet. Now your customers and potential customers actively interact with each other on-line. They expect to interact with you and your brand as part of a community or tribe. It started a few years ago with blogs. People could leave comments and start to have a say […]

How To Run A Mastermind Group

I’m going out on a limb here, but it is my opinion that you CANNOT possibly build a successful business without having access to a mastermind group. You look at people you know who have a successful business and every one of them will have access to people to advise them, throw ideas around with […]

Joint Venture Tips: How To Turn Your Competitors Into Partners

Sometimes you find business lessons in the most unlikely of places. In this short video I share with you some unexpected insights into the power of Joint Ventures from the women who earn their living massaging on the beaches of Phuket, Thailand. And just to demonstrate there is a fine line between work and play, […]

Gift Membership To The Shiny New Wonderful Web Seminars

This is valued at $697 (at least) I’m very excited to announce the rebirth of the Passion to Profits Blueprint Web site which is housed at Wonderful Web Seminars. This is the coaching program that people have paid between $2000 and $3000 for life-time access to. To celebrate, I have created a bonus level of […]