Why Haven’t My Customers Deserted Me?

I’ve learned some big lessons the hard way these past 2 weeks. If you haven’t heard what happened to me (and how you can prevent it happening to you) then get the background story here. In short, our web host who we had a wonderful working relationship with for two years, went AWOL. Totally missing […]

Joint Ventures in The Wonderful Web Community

Wow what a marathon call this morning. We covered: The basics of a Joint Venture Partnership – definitions Win, Win, Win options in a JV Power imbalances and what to do to correct them Different ways you can do joint ventures amongst people who are in our community. We then looked at specific examples of […]

Is the Universe Speaking to You? (P2P is Open…)

You know those times when you get a crystal clear message from the universe, a tingling through your body, or a feeling in your heart of hearts, saying ‘This is right for you’.  Some of you may be feeling that inner calling of destiny now.  Let me explain…  You can now join a community of […]

Announcement: winner of the Passion to Profits scholarship

Last night I did one of the hardest things I’ve had to do since starting Wonderful Web Women. Select a winner from 34 incredible heart-felt entries for a scholarship for my new “Passions to Profit” Business Building Blueprint. Reading all your inspiring blog posts, sharing your heart felt dreams and visions has made me realise […]

“Teardrops on My Keyboard…”

There are 34 entries to win a scholarship to my new program, each sharing their vision and what change they hope to make in the world. When I read your entries on the blog I felt like crying with joy. You are all such moving and inspiring people. Wow. I feel so privileged to be […]

Amanda’s Decluttering Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Don’t you love a person who responds to a challenge with one of her own? Well that’s Amanda Robins has done. You see Amanda was the lucky winner of thousands of dollars of information products a.k.a. “Janet’s Decluttering Frenzy Treasure Trove” and I challenged her to video herself opening the gifts and tell us all […]

4 Tests For The Perfect Joint Venture Partner

When I started Wonderful Web Women I had no list at all. I grew my list very fast using the following strategy. Here it is in a very simplified format: 1. Decide your niche 2. Find experts in your niche 3. Ask the expert to advertise the series of interviews of all experts to their […]

An Opportunity To Co-Author An International Best Selling Book

I have such an exciting opportunity to share with you. I started to write  about it here but found I just couldn’t express my passion and excitement enough using the written word. I had to talk to you face to face. So I sat in my dining room last night and made you a video. […]

Forums and joint ventures

Amanda Robins Here’s an email Amanda Robins, one of our new forum moderators sent me. I asked her if I could share her story. It is such a lovely tale of what can happen when you take action and simply get involved. “I made a post on the wonderful web forum about being a moderator […]

4 strategies for Facebook, Twitter & co.

Next Free Tele-Class If you’re not using social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter yet it’s probably because you don’t really understand how incredibly powerful these tools are to grow your business. If you don’t know how to use them strategically you can end up wasting an awful amount of time and even worse, losing […]