Why You Might Not Be Making Money Online and What to do About It

This brilliant article is part 2 of 2 by my talented Guest Blogger and respected friend Kathleen Gage. I highly recommend here free 3 part video training on list building too.   Why is it some people are incredibly successful at utilizing the power of the Internet in their marketing while others can’t seem to […]

The Truth about Building An Opt In Subscriber List

This brilliant article is part 1 of 2 by my talented Guest Blogger and respected friend Kathleen Gage. I highly recommend here free 3 part video training on list building too. I don’t have a list! What do I do?” I have been asked this question countless times. My answer is always the same; start […]

Ask Janet: When To Sell Recordings of a Tele-Summit

This is quite a long question from Cate Richards but I have included all of it as it has some great learning for you. In short, the question I answer here is: In your List Building Telesummit [Does List Size Really Matter], why did you post all the interviews to one landing page from the […]

$110 For A New Subscriber. Bargain or Barking Mad?

I had a great question come in today from one of our community members, Brian Adams. Brian had just finished listening to the content-filled interview I did with Australian copywriting legend Pete Godfrey as part of my free series on list building called “Does (List) Size Really Matter”.  Pete talked a lot about how to […]

Launch Case Study: How To Use Videos in a Launch

If you have a new product or program to offer what do you do? 1. Do you send an email out to your list or Facebook friends or Twitter to announce it’s release? Even for seasoned marketers, the results can be really disappointing if you do that. 2. Or do you launch the program with […]

List Building Question: Is Your Stadium Empty?

One of the biggest frustrations I found when I started out was creating an email list of people who gave me permission to contact them. Every marketing seminar, every teleseminar I went to had the key message “The Money is in The List”. That’s fine, but what if you don’t have a list? How to […]

Gift Membership To The Shiny New Wonderful Web Seminars

This is valued at $697 (at least) I’m very excited to announce the rebirth of the Passion to Profits Blueprint Web site which is housed at Wonderful Web Seminars. This is the coaching program that people have paid between $2000 and $3000 for life-time access to. To celebrate, I have created a bonus level of […]

Passion to Profits Re-opens

I can’t believe it was only 8 weeks ago I started the first intensive classes for the Passion to Profits Business Building Program. I’m so impressed with the number of people who hit the ground running and have already launched their programs, positioned themselves as leaders and started to build highly targeted lists (while creating […]

Techy Tip: The Web Pages and Emails You Need To Set Up a Mailing List

If you want to entice people to join your mailing list you have to give something of great value in return for their email address and name. After all, we all now how valuable our contact details are. The best gifts are those that solve a problem your customer already has s they will start […]

Is the Universe Speaking to You? (P2P is Open…)

You know those times when you get a crystal clear message from the universe, a tingling through your body, or a feeling in your heart of hearts, saying ‘This is right for you’.  Some of you may be feeling that inner calling of destiny now.  Let me explain…  You can now join a community of […]