2 Days Left to Join Me As an Author

Once per year only, I offer my community a rare opportunity. An opportunity to become a published author without the usual expense of thousands to join a collaborative project. You have this opportunity, but only if you take action. We have over 400 people who have registered their intention to contribute but less that 10% […]

Ghost Writer Needed For the Wonderful Web Team

Are you a writer with an interest in Internet marketing and personal development and would like to be part of our Wonderful Web Team? We are looking for a person to create articles, blog posts, e-books and follow up auto-responders for our own projects and those of our clients. Usually you will be asked to […]

Opportunity for 5 to shine as diamonds

If you are serious about creating a successful Internet based business around your passions and know the fastest and easiest way to get there is with the support of a mentor who has trod the path before you, and genuinely cares…..then this is an opportunity for you. Today I offer the last remaining places in […]

Claim Your Space For Fame As a Wonderful Web Rising Star

Are you a gold member of Wonderful Web Women or Wonderful Web Seminars? Or purchased another one of my programs and taken action? Then I’d love to share your story with the thousands of people on my mailing list, blog, Facebook and Twitter. Simply send in a brief email telling me what action you have […]

Joint Ventures in The Wonderful Web Community

Wow what a marathon call this morning. We covered: The basics of a Joint Venture Partnership – definitions Win, Win, Win options in a JV Power imbalances and what to do to correct them Different ways you can do joint ventures amongst people who are in our community. We then looked at specific examples of […]

Announcement: winner of the Passion to Profits scholarship

Last night I did one of the hardest things I’ve had to do since starting Wonderful Web Women. Select a winner from 34 incredible heart-felt entries for a scholarship for my new “Passions to Profit” Business Building Blueprint. Reading all your inspiring blog posts, sharing your heart felt dreams and visions has made me realise […]

Get a SIGNED copy of my book

The 1000 books delivered to my door this week are a special edition not available through book stores. That’s because every book includes my best selling product “how to create 17 in-demand products from just one hour’s work” which sells alone for $48. These books will only be available when people join as a gold […]

The Ideal Buying Experience

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Deb LaQua about automating a new Internet business. This was a great call for people who are new to Internet Marketing and are overwhelmed by the sheer amount there is to learn. She shares where to start and had a great piece of advice: “concentrate on what you […]

Frankenstein model of internet marketing

One of the most frequent questions I get is “what’s the best way for me to accept money online for my products?” The answer? Well, it depends….. I think of it as the Frankenstein model because you bolt together different components to create the best solution which at the time makes you feel like you […]

The First 8 Pages

Let me share with you the first 8 pages of my diary. You see, each of these pages has a different title I have written. Each title relates to one of 8 steps which have the power to transform a business. Each step is just as important as the other and under each heading I […]