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Share Your ‘Burning Passion’ with the World and Win A FREE Scholarship into The Passion into Profits Business Building System (Fast Track Coaching and Mentoring Program) Very soon I will be launching an intensive Business Building System designed to hold your hand to create your first product right through to negotiate Joint Ventures, build a […]

How To Create An Audio Product FAST and FREE

Here are the steps to create your information product fast. I cover these steps in heaps more details in my free recording available at If you have any questions at all about how to create a simple audio product for free (that you can sell), or questions on joining the challenge, please just ask […]

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Who else is joining the free Passion to Profit Challenge?

This whole month we are celebrating turning 2 by giving YOU the presents. In my books, the best present I can give you is the opportunity to take action, in a supported way – and get the opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself. Join me and hundreds (probably thousands) of others in the challenge to create […]

Daggy photos & a sneak peek at my new (bestseller) book for you

I’m so excited. It’s our birthday in a few days (our? Yep Wonderful Web Women turns 2) and there are presents all around. I received the most exciting present this week and I have gifts for you. Oooh I’m just squirming with the excitement of it all. This week 1000 copies of my very first […]