#53 [Web TV] The Truth About Overwhelm

This week I share the truth about overwhelm in your business. It never stops! It’s not something only people starting their business face. It will always be there so you need strategies to overcome it. This week I share very openly with you when I feel overwhelm and how I deal with it. As always, […]

#51 [Web TV] Clarity is Power

This week we look the immense power of clarity in your business. If you find yourself procrastinating or simply stuffing around even when you know what needs to be done, chances are you have lost clarity. In this short episode I share 3 things you need to have clarity on and some food for thought. […]

#28 Web TV: Does the techy stuff do your head in?

Does the techy stuff do your head in? Does the thought of creating a web site, making a video, sending an email with images in it, or creating a blog post stop you dead in your tracks? If so, you are not alone. This is one of the most common frustrations I hear from my […]

# 27 Web TV: How To Always Have Cashflow

One of the main reasons businesses fail is cashflow. You could have great revenue over the year but if that revenue comes in peaks and troughs, you may not have the money to pay the bills. In this 4 minute video I share the simplest method for creating predictable income in your business. A method […]

# 26 Web TV: Do You Need to Leave Home?

Do you run your business from home? I do and I love it, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact I started running my business from home, then moved into an office for 2 years, then moved back home and each time, the decision was perfect for me at the time. Sometimes running away […]

# 25 Web TV: This word is banned in our house

There is a word (and more specifically a two-word phrase) that is absolutely banned in our house. This simple, commonly used word, can eat away at your confidence, drain your energy, erode hope, consume you with guilt and stop you achieving your greatness. You probably use it every day without realising its dark power. To […]

# 24 Web TV: Why Negative Works

It may surprise you to hear this from me, but sometimes it is very, very important to dwell on the negative. And I don’t just mean think about the problem. I mean wallow in it, really cut to the bone and feel the pain. In fact, dwelling on the negative can be key to building […]

#22 Web TV: Do You Attract Tyre Kickers?

Have you done everything right? You’ve created a web site, made an offer of a valuable free gift to entice people to join your list, followed up with carefully crafted emails, written a great salespage for your product and hooked everything up so you can take orders online……….but you aren’t making any money? Do you just […]

# 21 Web TV: Forget The Big Picture

There are times in your business when it is essential you focus on “the big picture”. There are other times, when doing so will cripple your business growth. To find out when the big picture is important, when it is not and what to do instead, watch this quick video in this week’s episode of […]

# 20 Web TV: Why Being Repellent is Good

OK so this may sound a bit crazy but one of the best things you can do for your business is to be really, really repellent. Find out why is this quick 3 minute video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV. Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing. I’d love to hear your […]