Wonderful Web TV: Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing

Your Short and Sweet, Monday: Motivation, Mindset and Marketing from Wonderful Web Women founder Janet Beckers. 3 minute TV episodes with inspiring and actionable ideas you can implement in your business this week.

How (and Why) To Boost a Facebook Post


  Boosting a post you have put on your Facebook business page is a great way to amplify your message, build engagement and test if a post is worth investing the time and money to promote with a full Facebook advertising campaign. In this video I share quickly how to boost your post, including the […]

#238 [Web TV] Your ONE PERSON For 2017


Hey Last week I shared video 3 in our series on how to make 2017 your best year yet. The video was about Your ONE THING for 2017. Did you see it yet? Well, this week, I take it to the next step. Today we look at Your ONE PERSON for 2017. Curious? You should […]

#237 [Web TV] Your ONE THING For 2017


Hey First, let me just say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” (Imagine this said with a glass of champagne in hand). Now…let’s talk about this year. Is this going to be the year you kick goals in your business with ease and a sense of joy? Or is this going to be a year when you limp […]

#236 [Web TV ] What’s Your 2016 R.O.I.E. ?


Hey New Year’s Eve! I always have such mixed feelings about NYE. On one side, it is a time of celebration, a time to laugh with friends, plan and set goals for the next year and feel as if you can start everything over again. On the other side, it is a time for true […]

# 235 [WebTV] The Numbers You Need To Know at The End of The Year


2017 is so close I can almost taste it! I’ve got a feeling 2017 is going to be my best year ever and I really want to help you have the best year too. Before you can plan a year that will be profitable and also less stressful, there are a few numbers you need […]

#234 [Web TV] Your Launch Times Simplified


Hi, I answer a great question from one of our viewers, Marina Mchutchison, this week. It’s all about how long before a launch should you start promoting. Hope it takes away some of the overwhelm that can come from planning a launch of your programs. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! Janet […]

#233 [Web TV] Gunna Bird or Stuffit Bird


  Hi, There’s this weird saying in our home, “Are you a Gunna bird or a Stuffit bird? Let me tell you, it’s the Gunna Birds that end up driving you crazy. I explain it all, plus give you 2 types of Stuffit Birds you can choose between, all in this quick 2 min, 28 […]

#232 [Web TV] Personality Driven Brands When You’re as Dull as Dishwater


  If you watched my video last week you’ll know if it makes sense to use your name in your business brand and URL. You’ll have an idea if your business could be labelled “a personality driven brand”. One of the biggest confusions I see people have when branding around their name is the conflict […]

#231 [Web TV] When NOT To Use Your Name As Your Brand


Hey, There are 2 sides to this fence. On one side, are the group who say “You should never brand your business and website around your name because you should always build a business to sell” and then the (equally loud) group on the either side of the fence will chant “but your personal brand […]

#230 [Web TV] Personality Tests To Hire the Best Staff


  Wouldn’t you love it if there was a personality test you could use that would tell you if the virtual assistant, or office manager or project manager you are about to hire for your team, is actually a great fit for the role they will fill. How can you be sure you won’t end […]