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Welcome to our community. We want to get to know you. This is your place to shamelessly self-promote. Tell us about you, your web site, your business. Shamelessly promote your products, events and launches. Look for JV partners. This is the only place on our Community Hub you can forget about your manners and pitch your wares. So go for it!


  1. Hi Ladies

    I’m Annie and I’ve been a member of Wonderful Web Women from Janet’s very first interview and have contributed chapters for the ebooks.

    I am lucky enough to have found my calling early in life and have been living it for more than 30 years. I have taught in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and in Queensland and NSW in Aus, from primary to university, in Special Education and English as a Second Language.

    I have now replaced my wonderful teaching career with a life of the Internet and International travel. You see I have started a community that fulfils my life’s calling in a bigger way than one class at a time. And I am inviting you to join me.

    Happy Kids Community is all about raising our own kids happily while helping some of the poorest children on the planet, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. That’s because our wonderful sponsors pay when you contribute.

    All you do is write a quick answer to “What’s fun for your child” and our sponsor donates enough water for a child in Ethiopia to drink clean water drawn from a well in their village, instead of walking for up to 3 hours to collect water that is more often than not disease ridden. As well as saving a child’s life, this child can also go to school for the day, instead of home duties.

    And there’s more, Happy Kids Community is about you as a Mum, so you can form your own group or join already formed with others to discuss parenting issues of importance to you. You can also have a bit of fun meeting children’s entertainers and other Mums (and Grandmas).

    I would love to to come over today and share a few words, What’s fun for your child… helping fellow parents and a child in need

    Love Annie

  2. Hi Ladies,

    My Name is Katie McDonald and I’ve been apart to the www community for about 4 months now. I am also very grateful to be included in Janet’s latest book. I’ve really enjoyed the education I have been receiving from Janet and look forward to learning more.

    For over 15 years I’ve been a property investor. But it wasn’t until I had my 2 beautiful boys 14 months apart that I realised that the full time work I was doing, which kept my investment properties stainable wasn’t going to be possible any more. I therefore embarked on a new investment journey, shares. I loved it instantly and spent that first year attending 100’s of seminar and did many courses. I have now been trading for a living for over 6 years. Once my kids started school I found myself in a very strange situation – a lot of time on my hands. It was around this time that the Global Financial Crises was in it beginning stage. I felt very sadden for all the people who lost over 50% of their retirement in 2 years. This is when I decided I needed to share with people basic money, financial and investment tips. So that it wouldn’t happen again. I have run seminar on advanced investment strategies. This event was extremely successful and has now been turned into an online product. I also ran workshops which again were a success. I’m in the process of converting this beginners workshop “5 Key Ingredients to Understanding your Money” into an online course which I’m hoping to launch before the end of the financial year. I am looking for people JV’s to interview, who are in the money and investment areas. I’m also looking for joint ventures that cater for my clients in other ways. My demographic is women 40+ who have not looked after their finances before.

    Thank you


  3. Hello Wonderful Web Community.

    My name is Lisa Robbins.

    Thanks Janet for giving us the opportunity to shamelessly promote ourselves. What a great idea. Well, here goes.

    I did not choose my business, it chose me. It all started because I hate the deception around illness and natural healing, especially when it comes to healing cancer.

    Between my mother and father, my family experienced over 20 years of unnecessary and horrific suffering. As their bodies tried desperately to heal from cancer, in an attempt to ‘help’ them, doctors suppressed their immune systems and damaged their organs with poisonous chemotherapies; exposed them to massive amounts of radiation through multiple CAT scans, x-rays and repeated radiation therapies, and performed unnecessary surgeries where vital organs were damaged and parts or whole organs were removed. If you have seen someone close to you die from cancer, you know what I am talking about.

    What I realized was that we already have the power to heal our own bodies, and our present systems of ‘health-care’ actually perpetuate and promote cancer and other illnesses. To put it bluntly, I found that the treatments used on my parents were really the nails in their coffins.

    Watching my parents suffer unnecessarily made me intensely angry and it took years to get that anger out of my system and focus my pent up energy in some positive way, with the nagging hope that I would somehow be able to effect change in the cancer industry by taking the power out of their hands and putting it back into the people’s hands, to heal themselves.

    It costs almost nothing for people to eat to cure cancer, to get rest, sunshine, fresh air and exercise and make their own herbal medicines. This method of curing cancer is more effective and more satisfying. It feels better, tastes better and provides a permanent cure for cancer. Yes, it’s true. There really is a cure for cancer. You knew it deep down anyway.

    You may be asking, I thought we were still looking for a cure? And you are right – some people are STILL looking for a cure, but that is the business they are in.

    What I found through education and research is that we already know exactly how to cure cancer. In fact, many people throughout the last century have cured themselves, often with the help of natural healers, but not always.

    As my questions grew in number, I began to find gems of information in the stories of others, people who have healed themselves and may or may not have built a product or business around that process. I began interviewing them with Janet’s help and encouragement, actually, Janet who had her own story of self healing encouraged me to interview her first, which gave me the confidence to approach and interview other people with remarkable stories of self healing. Thank you again Janet.

    I found golden nuggets of information in ground breaking research studies and the work of eminent natural healers, mainstream doctors and research scientists. I started educating myself about cancer, holistic nutrition, our amazing bodies, and specifically, I began experimenting with anti cancer herbs. I developed a powerful recipe for anti cancer medicine similar in effect to the herbal medicines made by famous cancer healers Harry Hoxsey and Rene Caisse. I was shocked and elated when I tested my formula successfully on black melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, cysts, boils and weird changing moles. Testimonials from people who had tried my recipe started coming in. It worked, just like the incredible formulas invented by famous cancer healers Harry Hoxsey and Rene Caisse. I realized it was simple to make effective anti cancer herbal medicine! Simple ~ Can you believe that? It’s so awesome!

    The better way had shown itself, so I decided to write a book, but not just any book. I decided (and had to get over ‘who am I to write this book?’ by remembering how much my Mom and Dad had suffered), to write a how-to book about healing cancer, about CURING cancer.

    The way to effect change in the cancer industry was to ignore it altogether. The important thing became how to teach people who are afraid of cancer, whether they have it now or are scared about having it in the future, the principles which work effectively to provide a cure in others. These principles of prevention and cure, became the 10 Key Principles of Healing, detailed in The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself! at

    Now I am so grateful to be able to empower others to heal themselves by spreading knowledge through my book, through interviews with people who have healed themselves and through delicious and cancer fighting recipes like Heavenly Garlicky Hummus at or Chai Green Smoothie at, articles and information on and and through our new all alternative healing community at

    We started a PRIVATE ALTERNATIVE BREAST CANCER HEALING GROUP and FORUM at where women and men affected by breast cancer can speak safely about healing cancer naturally, without worry or being chastised by others, which is simply not allowed in our forums.

    If you have any questions, if you need anything, or if you have a story of self healing from any disease, symptom or syndrome, and know sharing it will help others, please email me through

    Until next time,
    Heal Yourself!

    Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT

    • Lisa, on one hand, i’m very sorry for the trauma and challenge
      you and your family went through…

      On the other, I’m grateful for that very same thing…

      It’s been my experience that it’s the challenges in life that spur
      us on to our particular greatness.

      One of my grandmothers went through 5 years of this… I was
      too young at the time but saw the toll it took on my mum.

      Thank you for your passion and your creation Karen

    • Wow! What an amazing story! It is really inspiring!
      It is so good to know that there are people out there like yourself, Lisa. Who believe in self-healing / alternative medicine.

      Our eldest son had cancer when he was a 6 month old baby…Thankfully, he lived…He is 27 and a half years old…At that time, we didn’t know or hear about ‘alternative’ healing…

      I personally had heard of Dr. Alec Burton…and he heals people recover from diseases by ‘fasting’…allowing the body to heal itself…I don’t know too much detail, but I have seen people at the seminars who have recovered from cancer and other ailments.

      Warm regards,


  4. I’m Margaret Saunders and I’m a proud and enthusiastic later in life mom. I had my two daughters when I was 39 and 41. They are now two beautiful successful teenagers aged 16 1n3 10.. I live in a beautiful small seaside village called Dromana which is 1-1/2 hours out of Melbourne Australia, on the Mornington Peninsula.

    I’m an international Parenting Expert, specialising in toddler bedtime and sleep and other parenting issues.My Ultimate Bedtime Package and her Ultimate Toilet Training Package are popular here in Australia as well as internationally.

    I have appeared in the Australian Age newspaper, The Melbourne Sunday Sun Herald Newspaper and glossy magazines such as Practical Parenting and Parenting Australia, as well as the Playgroup Magazine, Totline.

    I am an author, speaker and the host of the Children Are Everything Radio Show.
    I am also passionate about the dynamics of our families and has studied intensively and is now a Family Energy Coach. She believes that the energy we have as a mom permeates into those around us, especially our children. Her family energy coaching sessions are designed to align your energy, revitalise, calm and renew you so that the energy you put out around you calms all those you come into contact with, especially your immediate family, as well as healing your own deep family issues.

    Mywebsites are

    To find out about my winning parenting style, listen to my radio shows and receive a free Parenting Toolbox, “From Babies to Toddlers to Teens” go to

    And to receive information on toddler and baby bedtime and potty training go to

    Receive a Baby Massage E-book go to

    And to receive a complimentary Family Energy Consultation, click on

  5. Hi Wonderful Web Women Community,

    Thank you for allowing me to promote my brand new website a place to buy and sell all things fabric (and sewing).

    As a seamstress and self confessed fabric addict, I found it frustrating when buying and selling fabric/sewing related items to either be lost amongst other handcrafted items on huge handmade or auction websites or charged large fees to list items before I’ve even made a sale. So I decided to start a niche marketplace myself and charge no listing fee.

    As well as buying/selling fabric pieces, categories also include sewing patterns, sewing books, handmade items, vintage clothes, vintage fabric and haberdashery, amongst others.

    I also have a Blog, that supports my love of fabric and is a bit more about me, where I have written posts about ‘free’ fabric/handmade items and therefore starting a business with no or little money.

    I know many of my friends and family would not know the first place to buy fabric, when searching the internet there are so many fabric shops in many forms, but I hope that one day if ever anyone asks “where can I buy fabric?” everyone will know the name

    If you know anyone who is thinking of starting a fabric related online shop or simply needs to raise some cash and has some left over fabric they would like to sell or a sewing pattern or book they never use, please pass on my details

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my comment.


    • Hey, Emma…. Your fabrics are AWESOME!!!!! I spent many, many, many
      hours looking for fun fabrics and here you’ve had them all of the time

      I used to belong to the “she who has the most fabrics win” club… 🙂
      Thanks for sharing Karen

  6. Hello Wonder Web Women,

    My specialty is supporting you with your marketing message to ensure you’re truly connecting with your ideal clients in a way that feels good, adds value and get results. You can can learn more about me here and be sure to accept your Copywriting Action Plan with subscription to Manyon’s Musings if you’re interested.

    I look forward to the opportunity to assist you so you can share your gifts with the world and ideally help more people.

    Write on!~


  7. Hi Everyone at Wonderful Web Women
    I just cannot seem to get enough of this website. i love being a part of this community Janet and learning about all the wonderful things ladies do and how they create income without losing connection with their family.

    My children are now grown and moving on with their live, but this journey that I started a year ago can now hlep my daughter to follow her passion. She is a very talented writer and editor. I am currently creating a website for her to start her journey on the internet.

    The website is now up and running and I have put a 14 day challenge on the landing page for those who are struggling to get their ebooks out.

    Their is a difference in our approach, your topic is your topic and you can write a book for financial reasons, but if your passion is to write fantasy, fact, mistery, murder mistery, chidrens books…. thats is the palce to go.
    The membership area is being set up today and this will include a 30 minute session with Nicola to discover your potential and the direction you shouls go with your project or maybe jsut give you the motivation to start.

    I am a life coach with Kinesiology, Personal training, and music therapy as my main avenues of coaching. It is so amazong how versetile the internet is how many things you can do these days without all the overheads that you previously needed to have.

    With my laptop in hand I can run my business from home and still be connected to everyone overseas.

    My other website is I wrote this book to inspire my husband who has hemochromatosis to look after himself because he was focussing on creating a great life for us, but sort of missing his own lifei n the process.

    That was the best thing I could ever do! I really changed his outlook on life and he reduced his weight by 20kgs and became the handsome man I always knew he is. he is as fit as a fiddle and has more energy that in the last 20 years. Our relationship is all new again and we have done two 20km races together. Imagine waiting 26 years to enjoy life with your husband.

    So even if you don’t have Hemochromatosis, This book is a must read for anyone who has Diabetes, Arthitis or even a fatigue syndrome.

    Read it and be energised!


  8. Hi All,

    Just launching my first tele-seminar series Your Healing Hub. I am on a quest to source, bring together and interview teachers from around the world who have developed powerful personal transformation tools and therapies. I have an awsome line up of speakers, so if you are interested in healing and personal change, check it out! It will be a journey of emotional freedom and self discovery! Its free and you will be able to access some amazing tools & special deals.
    Love you to be a part of it,
    to your happiness!

    • Hi Linda
      I have developed my own harp therapy within my kinesiology therapy, so if you want to know more about using music, specifically the harp, then i will be happy to hear from you.
      Let me know the details of your teleseminar.
      Sounds very interesting.
      I have someone else who might want to join in too.

      Enjoy life

  9. I am 16 years old. I want to be a partner on youtube more than anything. It is what I dream for my career to be someday. It’s extremely difficult however. I want to inspire people by showing what I do everyday. So I do a daily vlog otherwise known as a daily diary. This is my channel: and if you checked me out I would appreciate it tons.

  10. I specialise in online video marketing – I’m here to help entrepreneurs and small business owners overcome their fears when it comes to video and to start implementing video in their business to grow their brand.

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to connecting with you and helping to grow YOUR business through the power of video.

    To your Online Success!

    • UPDATE: Hey everyone, I don’t know how to update my first comment (above), but I’d like to let you know that I have made a lot of changes to my website lately, and the Video Marketing Secrets and 10 Minute SEO video are no longer available. I invite you instead to visit my new site and join the mailing list for weekly marketing updates.


      • To help take the stress out of sbarpcooking, I keep an ideabook with me to jot down any thoughts I come up with during the course of the day, whether they be ideas for a page layout, something I want to buy, an embellishment I’ve salvaged, or anything else that provide inspiration. Then, when I am moved to start creating, my memory is jogged by this ideabook, and it alleviates the problem of scrapper’s block. Plus, I know that precious thoughts and ideas won’t be gone with the wind’ as might happen if I hadn’t written them down as a reminder. Everyone’s lives are busy. Scrapping should be a joy and a pleasure, as well as a creative outlet, but never a chore. Do whatever works best for YOU to make it fun and stress-free!

  11. Hi Wonderful Women, I’m so glad to part of this amazing group. I am a daughter, sister, Mom, nurse, CPR instructor, teacher, teen coach, Vibrational Life Coach and I love what I do.

    I have been in service since I was a child, for some reason I have always been able to reach out to those around me, starting with my brother when I was 6 years old and he was infant, I knew he needed help so I would carry him around in my sweater so he would feel loved, my brother is mentally disabled.

    I started my first business around 8 years old, running to the shops for whom I had called “old people” back then, they got they’re shopping and I got my money for my comic books.

    I do believe in the giving and receiving in life the balance, the circle of completion and the ceaseless opportunity to start over again. Life is good.
    I am getting ready to launch this Wednesday, February 22 at 8:30 pm. I would love the opportunity for you to check out my business and by the way its free this week.

    I hope you that you are living and loving your life.

  12. Hello Janet and all the wonderful web women:)

    I am a clinical hypnotherapist. I provide an affordable ethical online process for weight loss hypnosis. I offer a systematic self hypnosis program to support subconscious reconstructing. There are 12 full months of modules aimed at supporting the development of the habits and beliefs necessary for a healthy and slimmer body.

    This program is not a “quick fix” and does NOT promise “rapid weight loss” but supports people to identity and build on the resources and the learning they have developed already. For me this program is about self care and treating our bodies as sacred.

    I am very proud of this program. I feel that it is an ethical option for anyone who wants to use self hypnosis as a support option.

    Thank you Janet for the opportunity to share.

    Terri Cooper

  13. Love Yourself…….Love your life… Is there something more important ?

    Hi Wonderful Ladies,

    My name is Terry Bahat and I am an Alcoholic… NO, NO, Only jokeing…..

    I am an experienced, passionate expert in the field of Wellness: Fitness, Nutrition and Life- Style Coaching for Women of all ages …who desire to look and feel great, de-stressed, be healthier and stronger (mind and body ).

    We offer you Inner Freedom, Confidence and the path to Discover your True Self.

    CoreWorks, the one stop shop for women who wish to Re-invigorate their lives and re-connect with their personal hidden resources.

    Combining: Fitness , Nutrition and Life Style Coaching.

    We fully identify with your challenges and our mission is to

    Deliver your desired results in a professional, caring and f – u- n way.

    We offer 4 unique, inclusive and personalized programs:

    1. The Taster

    Delightful 2 sessions to take you through the Program, allowing you to initially fulfill your short-term goals and set the scene to progress should you consider this is for you.

    2. Princess

    A combination 5 session valuable Program to prepare you for Healthier, Fitter You using proven techniques that will, effectively, deliver to you: Fitness training, Initial Life Style coaching, basic behavioral and self-confidence training , nutrition advice and more.

    3. Queen

    This is the pinnacle of Programs delivering value-packed 10 sessions of magic to you. This program includes: Fitness training including Pilates, Mind Set management, Life Style coaching, Dietary and nutritional advice to ensure life-long, lasting results.

    4. Destiny Coaching

    Gain control of your life and be who you know you can be. … it is not only possible but Guaranteed. During these sessions we will address: Goal setting, various Supportive tools, Relaxation, Stree strategies, Healthy Food choices and much, MUCH more….. Get out of your own way ! Decide, Commit and Act because

    This is Your Time To Shine.

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    You can get it all in a balanced, creative and f–u–n– way…..

    and..yes, please visit my web site:

    Feel free to comment, suggest, advice and just make contact for business and / or pleasure.

    p.s. just got my own show on radio , “Let’s Get Physical ” , health and well being related topics, presented in a light, fun way… Ask me when and where… :-))))

    Thanks for your time and Janet, for the opportunity to share.

  14. Hi I started my business a few years ago, when my son was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder.

    This required expensive and lengthy speech therapy which still continues to this day.

    Through my own parenting journey to help my son i discovered 2 things which I believe are crucial to child literacy development of all children in australia.
    1) Teachers are not trained in sensory processing disorders that impact learning. They do not know how to spot it, and teach the child accordingly. There is also no referral system in place in the public school system to assess each child.
    2) Public waiting system for speech therapy is 1 year, and the children get 6 sessions and then they go to the bottom of the list.
    Any child cannot wait a single moment when they do not know how to speak, read or write due to learning disorders.

    Mums and baby decided this has to end, and 10% of all proceeds from our website sales are going to a target of $1 million dollara to help fund speech therapists in public school systems. We are hoping the government will match our pledge.

    Please visit today to help. We are an online baby shop specialising in products from newborns to 3 years of age. Thanks Amelia

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  19. Greetings from Illinois! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, good blog!

  20. Hi Wonderful Web Women

    I have been a part of this community for many years and have had a wonderful journey experiencing the courses, info and community that Janet has created for us here.

    This year, I have moved in a different direction and am pleased to be able to shamelessly promote my new venture right here. You see, I am looking for up to 6 entrepreneurs who can see a huge opportunity.

    The fastest growing network company in the world is coming to Australia in a few short weeks and you can be part of this fast growing network of coffee distributors and change your life forever.

    Love coffee or know someone that does?
    How do you drink your coffee – black, latte, mocha?
    What brand do you like the best?
    When was the last time you got paid to drink coffee?

    When you contact me, we’ll have a chat about how you can enjoy the most amazing healthy coffee (yes, I’ll tell you all about this aspect too) and if you want, how to kick start a fabulous little business with the fastest growing consumable product on the planet!
    It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee!

    To your business success,
    Fabulous Fran

  21. I am new to janet and LOVE her! I’m from Louisiana. I am a women’s health nurse practitioner. I am planning to launch my own web TV/vodcast show soon. I am enrolled in Janet’s program and really want to enroll in ShineOnline program(will do this summer). I am still learning some about my profitable avatar. I know it’s women. I want to use my speaking gift to encourage women, equip them with the tools and thoughts that help them develop meaningful family connections, raise their kids using intentional parenting, and develop stronger relationship bonds with their spouses. Maybe I will be somewhat of a life coach, but whatever the title…I am excited to encourage women.

  22. I am a Performance Management Strategist for Individuals and Businesses.
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  26. Thank you Janet for such a wonderful opportunity and initiative. My name is Billie Dean and I am an award winning author, actress and filmmaker who helps people connect more deeply with animals and nature for their healing and happiness, I spent over three decades using my natural shamanic gifts of healing and animal telepathy becoming a world acclaimed animal shaman — and this gives me a very unique perspective for my stories about animals.

    I am all about human evolution and peace, and I love connecting through my books and you tube and stage performances and films. I have a school Rainbow Fianna where I teach my special brand of New Shamanism and The Celtic Fairy Faith for animal sensitives, and I have a not for profit charity The Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust which not only helps us support the 320 rescued animals in our care, but also promotes our vision and mission of deep peace for all species throughout the arts, education and compassionate action.

    Here are my websites:

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  27. Samantha Richardson says:

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  28. Hi all! Great to read some of your intro’s. Me?? Well I didn’t feel fulfilled at work and I was struggling being a single mom. As a single parent I really wished I had a “Parent How To” Book. Instructions on how to raise the perfect kid. How was I going to raise a boy into a compassionate, responsible, honorable, educated man. As time went by, I realized there is no such thing as a perfect kid. What was I thinking? The stress of it all. I came to find out I was not alone. There are many parents out there that were looking for help. In fact, I did not have to be alone. I came across the Jai Institute for Parenting and through the guidance of Jolette Jai, her educational courses and compassionate support, I found answers and a lot of them. I saw changes in myself and the solutions were working for my son. Soon I began to see the light, and the cooperation and love of my son.

    It was ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are just that, mistakes. We must take responsibility for them, make our necessary corrections, forgive and move on. By learning to keep your heart and eyes open, by trusting in yourself and your ability to make wise and loving decisions, we can be a wonderful role models for our children. This is what I teach, in a safe environment without judgment and a compassionate and empathic ear.

    I would be honored to help you achieve the same breakthrough in your parenting and bring harmony back home!

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