Your affiliate payment for this month

Hi Janet Beckers here. I’d like to send you an email with this subject line every month. My records show you are not yet a member of my referral partner program (affiliate program). So this is my person invitation to you to join me. If you’re new to affiliate programs, then this is how it […]

#110 [Web TV] How To Be A Profitable Affiliate

  I LOVE this business model. It is the perfect place for people new to business to potentially make thousands of dollars of income without even needing your own products and services. In fact, using this model, I made $6000 profit in one hour just a few weeks after I launched my business. I was […]

#90 [Web TV] Joint Venture Partner or Affiliate. What’s the difference?

  What’s the difference between a Joint Venture Partner and affiliate? What are they anyway and why is it important? These are questions I get asked a lot and this is the topic of this week’s Wonderful Web TV episode I’ve built my whole business on Joint Ventures so it’s a topic I’m very passionate […]