#245 [Web TV] When People Let You Down

  When People Let You Down In today’s super-short video, I answer a great question from viewer “Fantastic Frank” from www.FFHero.com. Bruce expresses the frustration that people have been letting him down. They have not been meeting deadlines, often making their problems become his problems in the process. He asks “is this just the times […]

#212 [Web TV] 1 Thing Entrepreneurs Do Badly……. That Will Make You Miserable

Hey I’m Baaaack! Did you miss me? Did you notice? For the last month I’ve been travelling, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, sleeping, swimming, reading books and sipping cocktails in the Australian tropics. AND I FEEL GREAT! Super energised and bursting with enthusiasm to help as many people as possible this year and extra excited about […]