#249 [Web TV] How To Declutter Your Business

  This week I’m decluttering my business, in much the same way I declutter my wardrobe. There are some things I just LOVE that really don’t go with anything else in the wardrobe (business) anymore and are just causing clutter. Like decluttering your wardrobe this can create HUGE resistance, as you hold on to that […]

#158 [Web TV] Do you totally suck at business?

Do you totally suck at business? Maybe you do. Or maybe you just have the wrong business model for YOU. If you are driven to make a difference and are motivated by more than money then you need to watch this week’s 5 minute video. This video is in response to an email from one […]

#109 [Web TV] The Advertiser Publisher Business Model Review

Do you love to write or aspire to run an online magazine that attracts thousands of visitors and makes revenue through advertisers and sponsors? Then the advertiser / publisher business model may be perfect for you. This week, in my series on different online business models, I share who this model is great for, what […]

#100 [Web TV] 9 Business Models. 4 lessons. The path of an entrepreneur.

To celebrate 100 episodes of Web TV (and coincidentally 6 years of Wonderful Web Women) I have created a very special video for you. This is very different to my usual short and sweet videos. This week I bare all as I share my entrepreneurial journey with you. The highs and the lows. What worked […]