How to Stay Positive All Day Even When the S#*T Hits the Fan

  Do you have days when you start out with great intentions to be productive, focused and happy but then someTHING or someONE throws you off track? You can find yourself annoyed, distracted, irritated or simply just vague and day-dreaming (my default state to be honest). Well here’s a home truth: don’t blame anyone else […]

#216 [Web TV] What if no-one Buys?

So you’ve poured your heart and soul (and money) into created a brilliant program, you have all the moving pieces in place, you’re about to hit GO and then it strikes! The fear of the very real possibility that absolutely no-one will buy. You’ll hit send and all you’ll hear is the sound of crickets. […]

#204 [Web TV] One Word Hack: Replace WHO AM I TO With…….

So you’ve got a message to share, you’ve backed yourself and planned your programs, started your website, and envisaged the next level and then….the little voice in your mind starts whispering those words that you are sure others are also thinking when they see what you have planned. The cruel whisper of “Who am I […]

#202 [Web TV] One Word Hack: Replace DIFFICULT With …..

Hey I’ve got another quick one word hack for you. In less than 90 seconds you’ll have a simple, but very powerful way to reframe your subconscious thoughts when you face something you know is going to be DIFFICULT. P.S. 202 episodes. Whoah. That’s almost 4 years of weekly videos for you. Want some inside […]

#201 [Web TV] 90 secs. One Word Hack: Replace CHALLENGE With …….

I’ve got another one-word hack for you to try. This is a quickie (only 90 seconds) and a powerful way to switch your brain from expecting hardship and potential failure to instead anticipate success and excitement. Replace the word CHALLENGE with……….. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. Leave your comments below and […]

#198 [Web TV] One Word Hack: Replace Can’t with………

Thanks to Wonderful Web member Jasmine Sampson for another awesome One Word Hack. A simple word substitute that totally re-frames your thinking. I love this one so much I have written it on a sticky note and stuck it on my computer. Love to know if it works for you as well as me. Replace […]

#194 [Web TV] Word Hack: Replace If With…..

Words are powerful and no-one knows this better than The Wizard of Words himself, my friend Pete Godfrey. This week’s video is on a simple but powerful one-word substitute to use when talking to potential new customers and, well, also your hardest customer to convert……your own self-talk. Use this one word in conversation to replace […]

#193 [Web TV] Word Hack: Replace Should with…….

The power of words to shape your thoughts, emotions and ultimately your actions is huge. So I have another one-word hack for you that has been a “rule” in our house for years. Replace the word “Should” with this alternative and suddenly ownership of your actions is automatic. Love to hear your thought. Got any […]

#192 [Web TV] One Word Hack: Replace HAVE with…..

Words are powerful. Substitute one word with another and you can totally reframe your thoughts, emotions and ultimately your actions. In this short video I share a powerful one-word hack. Simply substitute the word HAVE with this one 3 letter word and you’ll see a huge change in your attitude. Try it and let me […]

#183 [Web TV] Lighten up Baby

Business is not meant to be serious. Or is it? Cheers Janet