Case Study of shiny unicorns, sold out stock and a viral video

I love this story. It includes all my favourite elements: 1. A brilliant case study of how one simple, but powerful video can sky-rocket a business in a matter of hours. 2. Great story-telling 3. A gutsy yet humble woman standing for self-belief 4. Appropriate and authentic use of the F word 5. Social enterprise […]

#200 [Web TV] Predictions for the future of Web TV

Wow. 200 episodes. For nearly 4 years I have sent you a gift of a marketing, mindset and motivation tip every single week. When I started my Web TV video podcast I made 2 predictions on the future of business. In this week’s special episode I share those 2 predictions and then explain why I […]

#188 [Web TV] How To Shoot Videos When You’re Old and Ugly

Ah the irony. While editing this video called “How to shoot videos when you’re old and ugly” I found my self thinking “Geez I’m looking old in this video”! I was tempted to reshoot but instead I listened to my own advice. Maybe the reason I wasn’t happy with it was because I didn’t do […]

#147 [3 minute Web TV] Behind The Scenes in a Video Studio

This week (in just 3 minutes) I take you behind the scenes of a “think outside the box” way to find and use a professional video studio in your own area. You’ll find a great way to find a professional studio that is very likely NOT being used for video and easy for you to […]

Oprahs’ Original Audition Tape

It’s easy to look at people like Oprah and compare yourself and think “will I ever be that good?”. Well, like you, she started somewhere. I just found this clip of her audition to be the host of the show that became Oprah. Blast from the Past. Even though she is so much more polished […]

#134 [Web TV] Q&A How Do I Film My First Videos?

It’s Q&A time and this week I have a great question from Maria Pantalone of Maria asked “My biggest problem at the moment is finding the time and motivation to begin filming my web TV. I’ve joined your program but can’t seem to find the time to begin the filming process. I’m feeling a […]

[Infographic] 3 Months of Video Marketing in 1 Day

I am seriously into batching my time and my energy. I cook in batches, shop in batches and when it comes to my business, I market in batches. After all, you use a different type of energy to create videos, a different kind to work on your website and yet another kind of energy to […]

#72 [Web TV] How To Simplify Your Business

Today I discuss how to simplify your business which is a lesson that took me a while to discover when I first started out. Now that I do this for myself, I have been able to help my clients who come to me as they formulate their business right from the very beginning or are […]

#71[Web TV] It’s Your Turn. Are you Going To Take It?

In the last 2 episodes of Wonderful Web TV we’ve looked at exercises to make sure you celebrate your progress and set yourself up to think big and plan with excitement for 2013. In this short episode I have a question for you and a challenge to Step Up, Step Out, Make a Splash and […]

#70 [Web TV] How To Rock 2013. Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the strategy I have used every year for the last 6 years to really set a powerful intention for my business and my life for the entire year. In this video I introduce the concept of an Intention Chart and walk you through the process to create one for your […]