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The Power of 100 Book


100 International Women Share Powerful Stories Of How To Stay Focused On Your Dreams.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you:

  • Over 300 action steps you can cherry-pick to stay focused on your dreams – even when you feel like giving up.
  • Inspiring and practical personal stories from women around the world from all walks of life. It’s like having a girlfriend on hand when you need her.
  • Stories from women who are self-made millionaires beside women who are stepping out into new ventures for the first time. Each as inspiring as the other. Each you can relate to.
  • Inspiring women who have risen from extreme poverty to leading their family and community by starting a business with the help of “a hand up, not a hand out”.

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Our Internet Secrets


Discover the secrets of how 17 Australians, all from ordinary backgrounds, have made fantastic financial success by using the internet. One couple made over $250,000 in one year, just working 2 hours per night while working at ordinary jobs in the day.

Another young Brisbane man makes up to $30,000 per month, just by working 2 hours per day on his blog. A former nurse went from zero to making 6 figures online in under 12 months thanks to the power of joint ventures.

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Tribal Kick Start Kit

In Romance Your Tribe Online, multi-award winning entrepreneur Janet Beckers takes you step-by-step through the 5 (and a half) steps to create a tribe of loyal fans online who LOVE your brand. Combining trademark down-to Earth strategies and sense of humour.

See here to secure your copy that includes check-lists, action plans and case studies of best practice all sprinkled with quirky anecdotes, mindset strategies and motivation tips.

Client Attraction in Action 52 Action Packed Customer Attracting Ideas…..and MORE!

In “Romance Your Tribe Online: Client Attraction in Action”, multi-award winning entrepreneur Janet Beckers teams up with  dynamic entrepreneurs from around the world who are part of her own “Tribe Online” to bring you more than 52 action-packed customer attracting ideas you can use THIS WEEK.

See here to secure your copy to be able to flick through the book, choose a page at random and unearth a simple and tested idea you can do THIS WEEK to attract your perfect customer to you.