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Every week we publish our radio podcast Wonderful Web Radio. Our expert interviewers, themselves graduates of our training programs, shine the spotlight on the action takers in our community.

Each week we feature everyday people in business who have taken action, pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and implemented new ideas into their business. Some actions are small, some big and all achievable by you too. These are the success stories of real business people in our community of Wonderful Web Women (and enlightened men).


How To Be a Featured Guest on Rising Stars Radio.

We'd love the opportunity to shine the light on you and your business. If you can tick YES to each of the questions below then you qualify to a guest on our show.

1. Are you a customer of ours?

Have you purchased one of our training programs, books or workshops, or are you a current member of Wonderful Web Women gold and above?

2. Are You an Action Taker?

Have you taken action on something you have learned from the program you purchased that you can share with others? You don't need to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and retired to qualify. You just need to have taken action, no matter how small, that has moved you one step closer to achieving your goals.

3. Can You Share Tips From Your Action Taking?

Listeners of Rising Stars Radio are inspired by your action taking and we want to help them take action in their businesses too. We will ask you to share 1 or more tips that will help listeners take similar action to you. It is important to know we are not asking you to share tips about your business expertise. For example, if you are a financial planner we are not asking for tips on how to invest or save. If you are a financial planner who has used Facebook to find new customers or created your first information product or blog, then we will ask you for tips on Facebook, info products or blogging.

4. Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude and Abundance?

In our community we have a very strong culture of encouraging and supporting other business owners to create success.  This interview is about you being a peer mentor who is a wonderful action-taking role model, rather than blatantly advertising your business. There will be plenty of opportunities in the interview to share who and how you serve. If you focus on helping listeners to have the confidence and skills to take action to grow their own businesses you will attract new customers to you who see you are interested in giving before expecting to receive.

If you can say YES to the 4 questions above, then let's get this happening! Enter your name and email in the form at the top of the page and you will receive instructions on the next steps.


1. How long is the interview?

No longer than 25 minutes

2. Will the interview be live or pre-recorded?

All interviews are pre-recorded.

3. I'm a bit nervous, I've never done this before.

Our interviewers have been in your shoes themselves and are incredibly patient and encouraging. You will have time before they hit "record" to discuss the questions and answers and to settle your nerves.

4. Where is the episode published?

Interviews are recorded and then scheduled sometimes months in advance (we have a waiting list). When your episode goes live it will be seen:

1. On the Wonderful Community Hub in the Rising Stars Radio section as well as on the front page.

2. Facebook and Twitter

3. itunes

4. Monthly email newsletter with the featured interviews for the month

5. Will this help me get traffic to my web site?

Absolutely. Your episode is on a blog post dedicated just to you. As well as your photo there will be a link to your web site if you have one. The transcript of your interview is on the blog post which attracts search engine traffic. We also include keywords in each blog post to attract search engines and your name is one of those keywords. The link to your website means people who  are attracted to this blog post after searching on the search engines can immediately follow the link to your website.

6. Is there any cost?

No. This is a service we provide absolutely free to our action taking customers.

7. Why is this free?

Every time we shine the light on a customer who has taken action on what we teach demonstrates to new and existing customers that we get results. Results speak much louder than promises.

On a greater scale, our mission is to raise the confidence and leadership of women world-wide by helping them to create profitable and passionate businesses. If your story inspires just one woman to take action towards her goals then we have succeeded.