The 5 (and a half) Steps to Launch Your Own Personally Branded Web TV Program That.................

Positions You as a Thought Leader, Connects With Your Customers on a Personal Level and Expands Your Business With Customers Who Respect your Value.

Even If You Are Time Poor, on a Budget and Technically Challenged

Dear Friend,

Believe it or not, you too can produce a high quality, high rating Web TV program.

And it is NOT as hard you think it is…

My name is Janet Beckers, and I  produce a weekly Web TV program that has consistently ranked in the top 10 Video podcasts in my business category on itunes, every week for over a year!

This program has positioned me as an authority in my market, multiplied my sales conversions, grown my list and allowed me to share my message and connect with my customers in a much more powerful and personal way than ever before.

The exciting part is, in the last 12 months I have only had to spend the equivalent of 5 days of my time to create this high rating program every single week for over a year.

For the first time ever, I'll be sharing with you my system and showing you how you can do the exact same thing in your own business.

When you join me on this call, you’ll discover:

  • Why marketing methods that worked a year ago no longer work and why NOW is the perfect time to claim your space with Web TV
  • The 4 FREE, easy to use, online tools I use to publish my professional standard TV program and rank on iTunes.
  • The TWO big mistakes I see people keep making, that RUIN their chance of Web TV success, and what to do instead…
  • One method I use so I never run out of ideas for great content that I already know my subscribers want
  • The process you can use so your TV episodes are created MONTHS in advance and publish on auto so you can "set and forget"

Finally, you will discover how you can get step-by-step help so you can produce your own "Me TV" that ranks highly in itunes and brands you as a leader.

Just put your name and e-mail in the form on this page, and I’ll send you the bridgeline number to call!


Plus, I’ll give you instant access to short and free training, where I take you behind the scenes of Web TV, show you my low-cost set up and share what does and doesn't work.

Hope to see you there!

Here's to stepping into the spotlight!




P.S. In a recent survey of my subscribers, one of the biggest concerns people shared was the fear of making a fool of themselves on camera.

So I'm looking forward to sharing with you the practical steps I use to feel confident and relaxed and that my students have successfully used too.