C.L.E.A.R. Time System

The Practical, Step-by-Step System To Get a Life, Get Cash-Flow and Get Heaps Done Without Burning Out

I often get asked how I manage to get so much done. I have the same number of hours as everyone of course. I run a successful business, have teenagers who keep me busy, have lots of hobbies, a social life and still have time to vague out and day-dream. I’m not Super Woman by any stretch of the imagination.

Instead I have a system. The C.L.E.A.R. Time System.

Janet Beckers

Janet Beckers. Award Winning Mentor, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

The C.L.E.A.R. Time Mastery System

  • You will learn the 5 stages in the system with very practical strategies at each stage which are simple to implement.
  • The strategies are quiet varied in their approach but together they are magic.
  • The first are very logical, practical steps which reassuringly involve diaries, calendars and pens.
  • The second stretch you a bit further with colour and creativity.
  • The third are designed to very quickly harness the power of your subconscious and tap into your energy flow.
  • Each step logically complements the next with the result that you can achieve far more with far less energy. And you get a life!
The CLEAR Time module is taught by Janet and consists of audios, action plans, worksheets, videos, personality profiling tools and lots of extra resources.

Entrepreneurs Who Want To Achieve More
With Less Stress

This program is specifically created for entrepreneurs who are determined to create a successful business that is profitable and provides a life-style that gives them freedom.

However, they don't want to burn themselves out in the pursuit of this goal!

If you find yourself juggling business, family, personal life, fitness and the other priorities in your life and you feel the stress of the "to-do" list that never seems to end....then this program is for you.


Interview With A Powerhouse Gold Medallist

Shelley Taylor-Smith Presents:
You’re A Person Not A Machine: How to Realign Your Core Values…So You Count!

I share with you an interview with Australian long distance swimmer and gold medalist Shelley Taylor-Smith. If anyone can demonstrate how to stay focused on a goal and keep high energy on the path to achieve it..it is Shelley.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this teleseminar as you “Realign Your Core Values….Beat Tiredness, Fatigue, Burnout & Boost Your Energy & Life!”

* What the World Pandemic is (it’s not swine flu) and how you can protect yourself and your business
* How to look at every situation with an expectation that you can make it work or make it better.
* How to bounce back quicker than ever
* Why your resilience factor determines your future success
* How putting yourself first does not equate to being selfish
* The 4 key principles of building mental toughness to the stress and pressure in your life
* How to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem incessantly without growing weary
* The right way to achieve a practical work-life balance

Shelley Taylor-Smith, Australia’s No.1 Mental Toughness Coach will show you exactly how to Realign Your Core Values….So You Count and Live Right Side Up! ……and no longer determine yourself worth by your to-do list.

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