A High-Level Business Mastermind Is The "Hidden-Treasure"
Every Successful Entrepreneur Has.

Mastermind Mastery Module

Mastermind Mastery

Business can be a very lonely place if you let it be. It doesn't matter if you are a one-person show building a business in your spare room or own a busy retail, service or manufacturing business with lots of employees. If you're the person who makes the decisions and takes all the risks, then you need people who understand you to turn to for advice, moral support and to help you celebrate. Lets face it. As much as we may love our families and friends, when it comes to business they just don't get it. If you have employees they don't get it either, after all they aren't the ones taking the risks. This is where a mastermind group comes in and it is one of the core foundations for every successful person I have interviewed. I'm personally in 3 mastermind groups, each with a different intention. It is one of the core principles in the entrepreneurs "bible" Think and Grow Richby Napoleon Hill. But how do you find people to be in a mastermind? And once you have a mastermind group how do you manage it so every one gets value and what do you do when problems arise? That is the subject of this module.

In this module of audios, videos, checklists and templates you will learn:

  • Different types of mastermind groups and the importance of intention
  • Who to invite and who NOT to invite
  • How to tell the difference between Competitors and Allies in a group
  • How to run an effective mastermind group so one person doesn't dominate
  • Meeting guidelines and Agreement Templates to use that are proven to work
  • What to do if things go sour
  • 8 different activities to do with a mastermind group to really make it powerful
  • How to run a "Loving Mirror" and a "Board of Directors"
  • Access to a private Facebook group to find mastermind members and get our help to get started.


  • One page Mindmap so you can see the topics covered at a glance
  • 4 Training audios to download to your MP3 player
  • 1 page action plan to guide you to fastest action
  • Links to useful tools to run your group
  • Tested and proven Mastermind Group Guidelines and agreement

Module Bonuses

Mastermind Group Guidelines

This document and agreement has been successfully used for years with  of mastermind groups. The guide gives guidance to Mastermind Group facilitators and peer mentors on  how to run a mastermind session, what to if you face challenges and meeting structure guidelines.Very importantly, listed are suggested “points of agreement” that group members agree to, which enables mastermind group members to discuss their business in an open way which allows maximum benefit for all members.

Membership Private Facebook Group

This private forum is only for Wonderful Web Customers.This is where the real players in the community hang out and Joint Ventures are made.This is also where you can find like-minded business owners to join your mastermind group and other people who have studied this module and successfully established a great mastermind group.

Mastermind Case Study

In this video, 6 members of a Wonderful Web mastermind group tell their story about what they gained from being a part of a very successful Mastermind Group, how they benefited and how it influenced their business decisions.


Take a look around if it you don’t think the program is right for you, drop an email to our help desk within 30 days of purchase and we will cheerfully refund your money.We’ll still be friends.I’m taking this risk on your honesty here as you will immediately get access to everything.