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There's no doubt about it, twitter is an essential tool to promote, connect and brand a company quite simply because, whether you like (or believe) the idea or not, many of your ideal customers are logging on to twitter at the same time they switch the kettle on for that first cup of coffee in the morning and at any other opportune moment during the day and evening.

There are an estimated 500 MILLION twitter accounts - that's potentially 500 million contacts, customers, JV partners and friends that you can share your message with - that message may only be 140 characters long, but twitter has an extremely powerful and effective delivery system unlike any other.

Janet Beckers. Award Winning Mentor, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

The Twitter Mastery System

In these 4 sets of audios, slides, transcripts and action plans, you'll discover how to:
  • Attract the followers who are your perfect customers
  • Reach 100s or even 1000s more people with your message using hashtags (#)
  • Track the progress of your tweets - who did you influence enough to re-tweet your message for you?
  • Automate your tweets to save you time and give tips on how you can get an outsourcer to do it for you; saving you even more time!
  • Drive traffic back directly to your website or sales page
  • Increase your social media influence
  • and so much more

Join One of the Greatest News Channels in the World

This program is specifically created for entrepreneurs who have a message to share and, let's face it, that's why we are in business. We want to make a change in the world and twitter is the way to do that. It's time to throw away the misconception that twitter is 'white noise' and a way to waste time; in fact it can be the most time saving and far reaching information channels you could possibly use if you use it correctly and this is why this program is so special.

Introducing Keith Keller

I have the absolute pleasure to share a recent interview with Keith Keller who is considered to be amongst the “Twitter Elite” and is fast becoming the “GO TO GUY FOR ALL THINGS TWITTER”.

Keith is an Australia-based Twitter Marketing Specialist who loves helping people all over the world “Crack the Twitter Code” to build their brands and their careers.

Keith is also considered to be in the “Top 1% of Twitter influencers In the World” according to (VERY COOL)

Keith Keller will show you how to:
  • Share your knowledge, not your service or product. Twitter is about sharing information and resources NOT selling ‘stuff’. This may go against everything you've been learning but it's about building trust, knowledge and relationships.
  • Inspire potential clients and joint venture partners to follow you because they love who you are and what you represent.
  • Add a photo or company graphic to your profile. There is significant evidence to prove that people who do this get more followers and retweets
  • Follow the 80/20 Rule – This is not all about you. Share what and whom you've discovered for at least 4 out of 5 of the tweets you create and hold the sales messages until the prime moment.
  • Uncover what Twitter101 truly is about..... Sharing and Caring.... When you truly reach your followers without them feeling bombarded, watch the magic happen..

In this program, Keith really digs deep to pull apart all of the great sites on twitter and has come up with a recipe for success. Not only does he share the basics of how to get started, he shows you how you can reach the world - and the world is a global marketplace waiting to hear AND share YOUR message.

Even if you only take into consideration the potential reach of followers in Australia alone, we are talking about 1.8 Million users!

Keith proudly considers that "if you’re going to spend some quality time on twitter, you’re going to get a result", especially if you follow the series of tricks and strategies that he has perfected over the last three years, which are packed into these four audio series along with accompanying slides, transcripts and action plans.

Here is a short explanation of what you will learn in each part of the system:

Part 1: Twitter 4 Beginners

This module will cover the Twitter basics including:

  • What is Twitter
  • Know your numbers
  • How to sign up for Twitter
  • Twitter definitions
  • Is Tweeting on your phone a waste of time?

Part 2: The Basic Recipe

This module will cover the simple Twitter strategies like:

  • Twitter in 5 Words
  • Twitter 101 - the ground rules
  • Who do I follow?
  • What do I tweet about?

Part 3: Going Deeper

We’ll show you intermediate Twitter tools like:

  • Branding your tweets and yourself on twitter
  • How to create a consistent presence without wasting all day on Twitter
  • Making the most of those 140 characters
  • Measuring your Tweet Reach
  • Stand out from the crowd

Part 4: Bringing It All Together

Ready to knock it out of the park? These advanced tools will show you how.

  • Hashtags explained – what they are and how to use them to your advantage
  • Measuring your Social Media Influence
  • Power words – and how they can up your ability to cut through the noise
  • Finding out the commonly used hashtags in your industry and creating your own

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