An Invitation To Join Wonderful Web Leaders

Hello and welcome. I’m Janet Beckers and I’m on a mission.

A mission to create a powerful community of entrepreneurs with a message to share who are ready to step up into leadership both in their businesses and in their personal lives.

If that sounds like you, and the thought makes you feel scared and excited at the same time, then take a few minutes to watch the video above and  read on to see if Wonderful Web Leaders is for you.

Who is Wonderful Web Leaders For?

This is for people who are already in business and fit into one of 2 categories:

1. Your business is already strong and you are ready to take it to the level where it frees up your time, allows you to serve more people and gives you quality of life.

2. You already serve and help people and you're ready to establish yourself as the thought leader for your tribe. You are ready to create an online platform that automates your list building, sales of your signature programs, finally write and publish that book and get your message out to the world.

The deciding characteristic to be accepted, is you have a message to share and you are ready to step up and lead. You also acknowledge that this scares the pants off you but you are going to do it anyway!

"Came with no plan....amazed with what I'm coming away with"

What Could Wonderful Web Leaders Make Possible?

Imagine what could be possible for you if you had access to a group of professionals who are serious about growth like you, who have a vision and a message to share. People who are on a similar but different path to you, and who want to succeed professionally as well as personally? People who are also ready to step up and lead?

I am confident you will discover:

  • Greater physical and mental energy and creativity
  • The best way FOR YOU to structure your product and service offerings to simplify your business and life while maximising profit AND helping more people.
  • Confidence to claim the space of leader in your niche
  • Proven marketing strategies that attract your dream clients
  • Your trade-markable signature system that sets you apart from your competition
  • Team building and management strategies that free up your time while enabling great customer service.
  • Finally get that book written and published, your membership site launched, telesummit launched, webinars perfected, online marketing platform established, emails and sales automated and the geek stuff sorted!

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Who is Wonderful Web Leaders NOT For?

It goes without saying that this group is not for you if you expect results without effort, expect change without changing the way you do things, and expect to create an impact without stepping out of your comfort zone.

If you're on this page, I doubt you are like that anyway.

So let's look at who shouldn't apply.

  • If you have never been in business before and you are still not sure who your target market is and what you will offer them...then this program is not right for you. Contact us and we have some great programs to help you get clarity.
  • If you just want to maintain the status-quo in your business and not really make any changes then this is not the program for you. That's OK if that is what you want to do but this group is only for people who genuinely intend to step-up and make a greater impact in their business. Your energy will not be right for the other members.
  • You are a taker, not a giver. One of the great strengths in this group is the collective wisdom of the other business owners in the group. The masterminding calls, private Facebook Group and retreats give an opportunity to not just get close mentoring from Janet and guest experts, but to develop close friendships with other leaders. As with all groups, the more encouragement you give to others, the more help they will give to you.
  • You are financially stressed. Enrolment in the 12 month program is a 5 figure investment. This is a fraction of the price private mentoring clients pay but, if investing in business growth is going to cause you severe financial distress, you are not ready for this program. Our focus is to to increase your profitability so you will not be accepted if we can not see you have the potential to get a return on your investment or we can see you will have no budget to implement (for example if you have no money to make changes to your website).

Inclusions in the Program

The Leaders program is designed to STOP overwhelm, rather than add to it. So even though the program includes access to over $5000 worth of online training resources, we actively encourage you NOT to use them!

Crazy I know. Instead you have access to Janet and her growing team for you to ask questions of directly (yep even daily) and get the short and sweet way for you to implement without having to wade through a training module.

If you need to study a training module we will tell you which parts to look at, which parts to ignore and more often than not, send you links to a template or checklist we have developed for our own business, so you can simply copy and modify.

If you are successful in applying for an interview, we will discuss your goals then see which of the generous inclusions in the program will help you get their faster.

In a nutshell, know you have access to masterminding video meetings, luxury retreats by the beach, private mentoring, virtual "Get Stuff Done Days", a conference, behind the scenes peeks of our launches, product creation and marketing strategies and access to all new online programs released during the year.

We'll go into detail on the phone and importantly help you plan out the best use of the program to help YOU make the impact you want to make with the greatest ease.

"I feel transformed...we're walking out of here with a very specific plan......she's joined all the dots...."

Your Next Step

If this sounds great, the next step is to see if the program is right for you and if you are right for the program. This is not a program that anyone can simply press "buy" and join.

Every person is assessed to see if they will be great for the program.

This is a 2 step process:
1. Show your commitment to the process by registering to be sent the 2017 Info Kit.It's simple, just enter your details on this page and you'll get immediate access.

2. As soon as you register you'll have a short survey to complete to tell us a bit about your business, your goals and yourself. It will take about ten minutes. As soon as we receive your application we will review it and reply to make a time to get on the phone with Janet.

Get The 2017 Leaders Info Kit

Register here and we’ll send you a detailed Info Kit with inclusions and pricing, plus details on how to apply.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


Janet Beckers

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